Shouldn’t our leaders lead?


I don’t argue much about tactics these days.

Occupy. Lobby. Email. What’s that thing we used to do? Oh, yes. Make phone calls. March. Rally. Sit-in. Whatever.

Say something. Do something.

Leaders should lead, however.

So when the teachers at Seattle’s Garfield High School voted not to give the MAP test because they thought it was bad educational practice, teachers and parents all over the country got excited and expressed there support.

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, issued a statement of support.

But from Dennis Van Roekel, President of my union and the union to which Garfield High teachers belong, the National Education Association? Crickets.

I don’t get it Dennis.

Yesterday the NEA posted this NPR article about Garfield on their Facebook page.

But if you go to the NEA website there is nothing. No press statement from DVR and nothing from VP Lily Eskelsen.

Back here in Illinois Glen Brown has posted a petition online calling on the Illinois General Assembly to focus on revenue solutions, not pension cuts.

This morning over 1,000 people have signed it since Sunday.

500 in the last 24 hours alone.

Support from the IEA and the other state public employee unions?

Not yet.

Maybe a mention on the IEA website?

Not yet.

Leaders should lead.

But sometimes we don’t have time to wait for them.

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