Mark Stefanik. Savage indignation.

Mark writes:
Lacerate my heart with a savage indignation  – Jonathan Swift 
Looking at the stats below, most from a conservative source, I wonder how Nekritz, Biss, and the rest of Democrats can continue on their revenue avoiding, benefits slashing ways.
From the Tax Foundation:
-In an annual tax business climate survey, Illinois ranked 28th, right in the middle of the pack. At first blush, New York ranked the worst at 50th, California 48th.  And yet, the wealthier states are doing just fine with higher taxes.  Illinois, like these states, is a great place to do business, and, a great place to make huge profits. 
-A combination of state and local sales taxes (8.2%) in Illinois ranks it in the top 10 of lowest state sales taxes.   
-Until 2010 when our temporary state individual tax rate (3%) increased, Illinois had the lowest income tax rate in the nation, ranking us 10th overall (the other 9 states had no state income tax whatsoever).  Even with our increase to 5%, we rank only 24th, but, more to the point, Illinois subsidized decades of under-taxing by neglecting obligations to the pension funds, and, at times, actually, taking money from those funds.
From the Center on Budget Policies:
-In 2011, and for years prior to this most recent survey, Illinois ranked number 2 in its taxation of the poor.  Based on the federal poverty level of $23,018 for a 2 parent family of four, only Alabama took more income from a family.  Both states extracted over $500 from this income.  The next closest state extracted less than $300.


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