The in box. NEA President Dennis Van Roekel on Garfield.


We have been witness this week to a defining moment within the education profession as educators at Seattle’s Garfield High School take a heroic stand against using the MAP test as a basis for measuring academic performance and teacher effectiveness. I, along with 3 million educators across the country, proudly support their efforts in saying ‘no’ to giving their students a flawed test that takes away from learning and is not aligned with the curriculum.

For more on the boycott, visit:

NEA TODAY Seattle teachers’ stand against flawed testing
NEA.ORG PRESS Support for Seattle educators who refuse to give flawed test
SEATTLE TIMES Why Garfield teachers boycotted the MAP test
Leading educators support teacher test boycott 



One Reply to “The in box. NEA President Dennis Van Roekel on Garfield.”

  1. So, Dennis, explain to us why it took NEA so long to vocalize its support for Garfield teachers. One, THOUSANDS of NEA members wondered why there was no initial support, and two, we wondered why it took so long for you to put out a statement. While our union leaders collaborate with the forces behind corporate reform, we on the ground level fight it non-stop. It would be nice to have immediate support from our leaders that matches our efforts on the battlefront. So, why so long?

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