North shore reps who back pension busting have called a community meeting Monday night. The return of the Skokie chapter.

Biss, Gabel and Fine

Senator Dan Biss. Representatives Robyn Gabel and Laura Fine. Bizarro World Democrats.

Skokie is a suburb north of the City.

It’s where an IEA office is. And where  a number of IEA Regions meet and where their staff people have offices.

If you retire from one of the dozens of school districts served by the IEA Skokie office you probably get assigned to the Skokie chapter of IEA – Retired.

But for as long as anyone can remember, there hasn’t been an active chapter of IEA – Retired out of the Skokie office of IEA.

To her credit, IEA Retiree Chair, Janet Kilgus, is making efforts to resurrect the chapter. That’s good, because I have been told that there are at least 400 current members of IEA – Retired living in the area covered by what would be the Skokie chapter.

A few months back, I jokingly declared myself president of the phantom IEA – Retired chapter. I immediately appointed retired IEA member Ken Previti as the Florida liaison.

As self-declared and unofficial president, I am calling on all current IEA and IEA – Retired – future Skokie chapter members – to come out Monday night to a community forum sponsored by north shore Senator Dan Biss, State Reps Laura Fine and Robyn Gabel.

Monday, February 4, 2013, 7-8:30pm, at the Community Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Rd., Wilmette, IL.

Dan Biss is a newly elected state senator. As a state representative he was a co-sponsor of Representative Elaine Nekritz’s pension bomb. As was Representative Robyn Gabel.

Fine is newly elected. Here are her answers to pension and pension cost shift questions from the Trib editorial board when she was a candidate. As you can read, she is vague about the pension bomb, but sounds dangerously sympathetic to Nekritz.

Biss and Gabel are Bizarro World Democrats. They are leading voices in the call to suspend the Illinois Constitution when it comes to the pension protection provision.

The North Lake Shore unit of the Illinois Retired Teachers Association (of which I am also a proud member) is encouraging its members to attend. The unit’s president, Irene Jinks, has notified their members about the meeting.

Attend. Be polite and firm.

And feisty!

See you there.

2 Replies to “North shore reps who back pension busting have called a community meeting Monday night. The return of the Skokie chapter.”

  1. Could someone please ask these representatives of the citizens of
    the state of Illinois why they think that it is a good idea to remove the
    COLA and health coverage from a 60ish year old retired 3rd grade teacher who taught for 30 plus years in, say, central Illinois, for example..This person would have an average pension of around $46,000 with no Social Security or health care insurance after they do what they want to do. If she lives another 10 to 15 years, she falls out of the middle class, and if she lives another 20 to 25 years she will die broke because of the increases in the cost of living and the increases in her medical insurance and health care.Is this really how the citizens of Illinois feel about our state educators? Teach and die broke. You may want to ask them that. Put a human face on “the pension problem” and not just a name on a voter’s registration card.

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