The in box. Reader is concerned about Monday’s meeting and Senator Biss’ dirty tricks.


When I show up in Wilmette with friends on Monday to see Biss I hope the meeting agenda will be dominated by topics that teachers control. Restructuring the tax code in Illinois. The chart you put up on your blog that shows of how the super wealthy don’t pay much. And how Illinois compares to other “liveable states” is key. Also the Super Wealthy do not live in Biss’s district for the most part. And they will not be in the audience.

Who will be there are furious folks who make $200,000. Also the chart of liability on the back of the tax bill should be done by yearly unfunded costs (not 40 years). I remember that even Lake Forest had a yearly breakdown of only 20 million. But this set of figures has been slow to reach the news.

I wonder what time the building will open as I can see Biss having a pre-meeting at six o’clock to fill the seats.

– j


Community forum on pensions called by Senator Dan Biss, Representative Robyn Gabel and Representative Laura Fine.

Monday, February 4, 2013, 7-8:30pm, at the Community Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Rd., Wilmette, IL.

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