Pilsen and Little Village say no to school closings. Updated.

Photo credit: Sarah Jane Rhee/loveandstrugglephotos.com.


Police barricaded the doors at a Wednesday night Chicago Public Schools meeting as upset parents, teachers and students clamored to get in to discuss potential school closings in Pilsen and Little Village.

More than a thousand people gathered in the auditorium at Arturo Velasquez Institute, including parents and teachers who pleaded their school’s case before members of the CPS Commission on School Utilization.

Before representatives from the schools could present their arguments, many in the crowd began chanting, “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”

Additional seating was provided for the overflow, but it was in a separate room with no live feed of the presentation, and only one person relaying the presentation as it was happening.

Because of the limitations of that room, those who were not allowed inside the main meeting room attempted to break into the auditorium toward the beginning of the school presentations. Police barricaded those entrances, and the presentations were able to continue.

Read more: http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20130207/little-village/school-closing-meeting-draws-cops#ixzz2KESm7ZIC

2 Replies to “Pilsen and Little Village say no to school closings. Updated.”

  1. It’s happening all over the city. Parents, students, community members, clergy, Aldermen and teachers are getting up and speaking out against the attacks on public schools. Over 1000 people at the Garfield Humboldt Park hearing last Tuesday. The youngest speaker, 4 years old and very articulate. A third grader from Sumner School stole the show with his speech. Keep up the fight to stop destroying neighborhood schools!

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