Madigan can run but he can’t hide. He wants you to fax him. So, fax him.


If you were like me on Friday you were going to find a way to send a message to Democratic Party Chairman and House Speaker Michael Madigan.

He had disrespected our union and its members with his drop dead letter telling the We Are One coalition of public employee unions that he had no time to meet with them about pensions.

And while the union leaders themselves had proposed no membership response to this disrespect, a number of pension activists, bloggers and union members wanted to express their unhappiness directly to the Speaker.

We suggested calling or sending an email in a coordinated response last Friday.

If you were like me, you may not have been able to get the Speaker’s office in Springfield. The line was constantly busy.

I was able to speak to an unenthusiastic staffer when I called the Speaker’s Chicago office.

Then I sent an email.

The unenthusiastic staffer told me and others to send a fax.

In Ken Previti’s words, “A fax?”

I  faxed things years ago at my old school. But a fax machine is rarer than the old land-line phone I used in my video on Friday (I was mocked quite mercilessly about that).

But have no fear. Technology has given us online faxing.


Since the Speaker wants you to fax him, fax him.

Do it now!

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