Sick days.

When you promise to do daily posts and then you miss a couple, people think you’re slacking. Or dead.

I’m neither.

But I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries. So I thought I would explain that I’m taking a couple of sick days.

I noticed some discomfort that I have felt before.

In 2000 I had a heart attack. No chest pain this time. But discomfort in the shoulder.

The lesson is that you know your body, and you know when something is wrong.

As in all things, if you feel something is wrong then you act on it.

So one stress test later, I’m scheduled for an angiogram later today here at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

There’s a lot to write about and I’ll be back at it in the next few days.

Maybe tomorrow.

25 Replies to “Sick days.”

  1. So glad that you did a follow up! I enjoy your commentaries on the quagmire called Springfield. Thanks for you efforts. Prayers coming your way.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering and worrying. It would have been nice to think you absconded to Brooklyn or Michigan or any other place than Illinois. Northwestern is not what I was hoping for you. But take care and be a good boy. I have my fingers crossed for you hoping things won’t get serious, and you and Ulysses will be back to your old travels. Pat Herrmann

  3. Fred, take excellent care of yourself. Surely your stress level is great. We so appreciate all you do for us; we want you to be around, so take care and all the time you need, Joan

  4. fred: You & Glenn are the best source for pension news. My husband and I enjoy your writings on Chicago and your neighborhood. We were afraid you had a health issue. Take your time and get well. We need you!

  5. As a heart surgery survivor for 30 some years I can tell you that modern medicine, while not perfect, is wonderful and life after a heart “event” can be very fulfilling! Hang in there and don’t give your nurses a hard time!

  6. Fred, just like a teacher to use this as a lesson to all of us–and for Valentine’s Day, yet!!!
    Better to tout good health than a Hallmark holiday. Reminds me of the front page Tribune (i know, I know!) article the other day, about how schools are celebrating Valentine’s Day, w/o candy. Cute picture of two 3 or 4-year-olds playing around next to a veal heart (early science education). Fred, your heart is as big as the world, and you have a world of friends
    wishing you well and thanking you for sharing your invaluable wisdom with all of us!

  7. Hope this note finds you recovering and doing well, Fred. Glen and I visited a newbie this afternoon and were both worried about you and waiting the latest blog report. We’re at that age where we can trade medical issue stories. Right now you’re in the lead, but not for long. Get well, Dude.


    PS – Hedges is not recovery reading…

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