Who is Ernie Fuhr Jr.?

The IEA posted the Vimeo of Jim Reed this weekend on Facebook. He was reporting on the IEA’s support for a progressive income tax and the return of Lobby Day on May 15th.

Commenting on the post was a guy. Ernie Fuhr Jr.

I am a member and I’m a government teacher and here’s my “training session” for you:
1) Please don’t presume that you speak for all of our members when you advocate for another tax increase. I do not recall that you asked my opinion.
2) The state of Illinois doesn’t have a “revenue” problem -they have a “spending problem”! It is NOT a solution to give the crooks in Springfield more of our money to piss away. If you gave them all the money in Illinois, they’d be back in 1 year saying they’re broke again, and the IEA lobbyists would be asking for another “revenue” increase.
For example, just this week, they passed an expansion of Medicaid. The state’s cost for these people is estimated at $200 million for the first year and a total of $2.3 billion from 2014 to 2020. Google “Illinois” + “Medicaid expansion”.
Illinois politicians spend money like they’ve actually got it! They’re not getting anymore of mine.

So, who is Ernie Fuhr Jr.?

Who knows? He says he’s a teacher. I don’t doubt his word. And I don’t begrudge him his opinions.

But he’s really the IEA leadership’s best pal.

He provides cover.

He accuses them of presuming to speak for all members. And isn’t that what some of us have been saying about the leadership?

Actually no.

How can the leadership speak for all members?

What is presumed is that they reflect the charge given to them by a majority of the delegates elected by the members at the RA.

Was that the basis for the leadership’s cave on Senate Bill 7? Who voted for that?

Or their offering up a contribution to TRS that would make our contribution the highest in any state? Who voted for that?

The rest of Ernie’s comment is just ideological nonsense.

Illinois is among the lowest taxing and lowest spending states in the country.

That is why the state’s economy sucks.

Make no mistake. The IEA leadership loves him. He makes them seem reasonable. He makes them seem like they are taking a balanced approach. Caught in the middle.

Poor things. They have us on one side and the Ernies on the other.

But that’s not true.

Ernie, who amazingly says he teaches government, believes that democracy means that the IEA can only speak when every member agrees on an issue.

We just think they should follow their own rules.

5 Replies to “Who is Ernie Fuhr Jr.?”

  1. He gives himself away when he says “government teacher”. Is there really anyone that self-loathing? He should have spelled it “guvmint” just for effect.

  2. Fred, Re: Ernie’s contribution. If you read the whole story on the vote to increase Medicaid spending you will see this: “The federal government is to pay the entire cost of expanding Medicaid the first three years, and no less than 90 percent of the cost in 2017 and beyond. An estimated $12 billion-plus in new federal Medicaid funds would flow to Illinois from 2014 through 2020.” His point 2 also contains a critical bit of code. The recipients of medicaid are “these people” and we all know who is being alluded to when that phrase “these people” is used.

  3. Fred & readers: did you see The Sun-Times editorial today about the “wonderful” Cross-Nekritz bill? Of course, yesterday, The Chicago Tribune had the same diatribe. And then, there’s the Sun-Times owned Pioneer Press with the same drivel in all of its suburban papers last Thursday. A never ending attack–please write in, & Ralph Martire needs to write a rebuttal.

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