Dixon teachers’ strike. Testing the waters.

Bonnie Driver, Dixon Education Association.

If you are sitting and reading this post out of the state of Illinois you may only be vaguely aware of Dixon.

It is the childhood home of Ronald Reagan. But don’t blame his teachers for that.

It’s out I-88, past DeKalb. An hour or so before you get to Iowa.

The teachers union, an IEA affiliate, has been on strike for the past seven days.

On average there are about three teacher strikes in Illinois each year.

The IEA reports that there have been six so far this year.

Dixon may be one of the more important strikes in terms of the issues.

The Dixon board wants to eliminate the current salary schedule with step increases for experience and education. It wants new employees’ spouses to buy their own insurance.

Downstate districts are following events in Dixon closely. If the teachers lose on these issues in Dixon, other districts will see it as a roadmap.

Downstate districts with contracts coming up:

  •  Amboy: Expires August 2014
  •  Ashton-Franklin Center: Expires September 2014
  •  Chadwick-Milledgeville: Expires next year
  •  East Coloma: Expires this year
  •  Erie: Teachers worked without a contract from August to January. They ratified a new contract in January. It expires in 2015.
  •  Montmorency: Expires next year
  •  Morrison: Expires next year
  •  Nelson: Teachers do not have a collective bargaining agreement.
  •  Oregon: Expires this year
  •  Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico: Expires this year
  •  Rock Falls Elementary: Expires next year
  •  Rock Falls High School: Expires next year
  •  Sterling: Expires next year

Messages of support for the DEA can be posted here.

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