Another entry.


To celebrate one million site visits I am sponsoring a contest.

As of today, you have less than 24,000 site visits to go.

Submit a tweet, haiku or limerick on a topic covered by this blog.

The deadline is March 31 or the millionth visit.

The winner gets the orange t-shirt.

The decision of the judges (that’s me) is final.

From Matthew:

I’ve been following your blog since last fall. Thanks for keeping us all updated and notified on all things education! I think the Dr. Seuss poem you posted inspired this little poem to pop out of my head this morning as I was writing my son’s principal and asst. principal:

ISAT and sat and sat for days
ISAT and sat some more
I marked more B’s and C’s than A’s
To get a better score!

Thanks again for your bloggings, Mr. Klonsky.

One Reply to “Another entry.”

  1. I was once so sad Until I was led To a guy named Fred.

    He offered hope So I could cope With all the mopes. (Administrators, politicians and etc; basically all those who are not teachers and trying to tell teachers how to do their job.)

    His only schema Is to reveal our dilemma That we need an education utopia to review all the data!


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