Lafayette School. Evidence of a failing, underutilized school in Chicago.

H/T: Last Stand for Children First.

Lafayette School is just one of 54 schools that the Chicago Public Schools are planning to close.  Lafayette’s Illinois School Report Card shows just what a colossal failure it is.  With 98% of the student population living in poverty, should they really be earning the upright bass?  Why not teach these students instruments that they could play on street corners and help their families out?  It seems to me fine arts money could be better used on more affluent students in the first place.Mayor Emanuel has never visited Lafayette School nor have any School Board members, but they must have done their homework shutting down this school and making these students go to a new school 10 blocks away.  It may even be a good chance for the 166 students at the school with special needs to learn some life skills.  Now, if only the parents would stop complaining and start letting the Mayor do what’s best for their kids.

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3 thoughts on “Lafayette School. Evidence of a failing, underutilized school in Chicago.

  1. Very condescending piece. If they learn to play the bass, they might be able to earn a real living as a musician in an orchestra or jazz band. You can’t say that about playing on the street.

    1. Elaine,
      The piece is a link to the site that makes fun of the reform group Stand for Children. It is meant as satire. It is testimony to how bad things are that the site is often mistaken for a real one. No condescension was intended. Thanks.

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