Rauner called Arne and got his kid into Walter Payton. Isn’t that special?


Bruce Rauner, GOP gubernatorial candidate and Rahm best friend is back in the news today.

Greg Hinz reporting again.

Last week it turns out that Rauner couldn’t decide if he lived in Chicago or the north shore. He votes here. Pays property taxes on his primary residence in wealthy Winnetka.

Today Hinz reports that Rauner was one of those special interests that got his daughter into selective admission Walter Payton High School with a phone call to Arne Duncan, then CPS CEO.

Rauner is fond of calling the teachers union a special interest.


As it turns out, in establishing residence in the city, Mr. Rauner also established the right of his daughter to attend a Chicago public school. But not just any school. She could have gone to New Trier, since mom still lived in Winnetka and New Trier is pretty highly rated itself. But Payton is rated better.

There only was one problem, the sources say: Her test scores, academic record and other factors weren’t good enough to get her into Payton.

According to a report by CPS Inspector General James Sullivan that has not been released to the public, the younger Ms. Rauner had good scores, very good scores. But not quite good enough. Her application was denied. So dad called Mr. Duncan, a Duncan aide called the Payton principal and she was admitted, graduating last June. She’s now a college freshman.

Well, isn’t that special?

7 Replies to “Rauner called Arne and got his kid into Walter Payton. Isn’t that special?”

  1. Emmanuel does not know how to operate without being corrupt. After all, porking your friend is what it is all about.

    1. For some reason today FB has put up a warning when someone (including me) tries to post my blog posts to FB. I have contacted them about this problem. In the meantime, you can copy the URL of the post and paste it in your status update. It may come back with a “warning,” but you can go ahead and type in what they put up.

  2. I’m so surpirsed they are not charter schools I don’t know how to answer but i’ll try. People with influence do this kind of thing on a regular basis except that nobody knows about it so the the fact that it’s been made public is good. The idea Rahm, Arne, et al is to make good public schools available to other people’s children as well.

  3. Aah I see now, I didn’t know Rauner was a GOP gubanatorial candidate I guess Rahm would explain that as his being “biparitisan” in spirit @@. I was particularly annoyed at Zeke Emanuel’s comments directed at the CTU saying that “Rahm always wins.” It was totally inappropriate and classless, and teachers are called thugs?

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