Breaking: Lincoln Park High School students walk out in support of fired teachers. UPDATED.


Student walkout this morning. Photo: Elly Greenspahn.

Ben Joravsky’s column in this week’s Chicago Reader.


From DNAinfo:



LINCOLN PARK — Hundreds of Lincoln Park High School students walked out of class Friday morning in support of teachers who will lose their jobs next year when the school transitions to a wall-to-wall International Baccalaureate program.

Eight teachers at the high school who had to reapply for their jobs under the new program were originally told they could continue working there, but those job offers were then rescinded last month.

Students said they saw teachers in tears  after hearing that they wouldn’t be getting their jobs back, and decided to stage the make-shift walkout.

Nearly the entire school walked out, except for about three or four students per class, according to those at the protest. The school has nearly 2,000 students.

“They are some of the best teachers in the school,” said freshman Jarren Moody.

Students speculated the cuts might have been cost saving measures, as many of the teachers fired are veterans of the school.

“A lot of the teachers were crying. They love their jobs,” said freshman Lizzie Cornelison.

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