If tweeting is an art, Weingarten is no Picasso. She’s barely a George W.


“Tweeting is an art.” Randi is to Twitter as George W is to painting. 

The trouble all began when American Federation of Teachers President issued a statement in support of the We Are One/Cullerton bill. The bill, SB2404 is Senate President Cullerton’s attempt to circumvent the pension protection provision of the Illinois Constitution.

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel also issued a statement in support of it.

All this is not surprising. Both the Illinois affiliates of the NEA and the AFT are part of the We Are One coalition.

Van Roekel’s statement was boiler plate. All about collaboration and working together to solve problems.

Weingarten was no better.

But she didn’t stop there.

She started tweeting about it. And making stuff up.

About how retirees weren’t covered by the bill.

About how it represented shared sacrifice.

How it was fair.

Brother Mike called her on it.

And we pointed out the falsehoods.

She backed down and admitted she was wrong.

Then Rich Miller of CapitolFax talked with one of her people and questioned how the AFT President could be so wrong.

Things kind of went viral.

“Twitter is an art, not a science,” her people explained to Miller.

But the non-artist is back at the easel.

Back on Twitter this morning.

Tweeting about SB2404. Again.

She is claiming it is “fair” and provides for the long-term security of the pension system.

She is as wrong as ever.

Maybe she should turn off Twitter.

Or one of her people should take control of her smart phone.

2 thoughts on “If tweeting is an art, Weingarten is no Picasso. She’s barely a George W.

  1. Reblogged this on @ THE CHALK FACE knows SCHOOLS MATTER and commented:
    I’ve had my own problems with Twitter. Many of us have had similar experiences, and those mistakes are certainly no death sentence, surely. But the President of the national AFT incorrect on a bread and butter union issue? That’s pretty bad. There are FACTS in the arts AND sciences. Wrong is wrong, regardless of the potential for subjectivity.

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