Take your polls. The Constitutional issues are complex. But ask the members.

Some in the IEA leadership want to blame me because people are starting to ask questions.

The leadership of the the IEA has pissed off large sections of the membership with the We Are One/Cullerton deal.

Check the IEA website comments.

And those are just the folks who bother to read the IEA website.

Lobby Day was down in attendance by two-thirds from the last one two years ago.

I’m getting dozens and dozens of comments a day and three to four thousand site visits a day.

A big divide between the leadership and the rank and file is not good for the union.

The leadership created that divide by agreeing to this deal.

Just like in the debate with the Republicans over the national budget, your polls may show that members are willing to find ways to compromise. They said that they were willing to give up some of their benefits.

But that is all an abstraction until they discover that what we have to give up is $6000 that they may now have to pay in addition to the $6000 a year they already pay for health care.

Or that their COLA freeze can amount to $100,000 over the time of our retirement.

Now that they know, ask them again.

Ask them if they want to give up tens of thousands of dollars over the next twenty years in compounded COLA in exchange for health care insurance that they can’t afford.

Ask them.

The constitutional issues are complex and hard for any of us to follow. Members may not get passionate about constitutional protections.

But ask those who may personally and immediately get screwed by the deal the We Are One coalition made with Cullerton.

Go ask them.

7 Replies to “Take your polls. The Constitutional issues are complex. But ask the members.”

  1. No one should Blame Fred, But Credit Fred. Those that wish to conceal & deceive the real outcomes of this deal may blame others for revealing the truth! I commend Fred, Glen and others whom have brought this matter in the forefront of our attention. Framing (in greater detail and perspective) the knowledge & clarity needed to help fight for our rights.

  2. Let’s see if I were a criminal I would “blame” Fred for catching me in the act… But as a victim I “Credit” Fred where credit is due. Now we must all be in lock step going forward.

  3. I don’t see why we should give up anything. The politicians created this problem by knowingly failing to fund the pensions systems appropriately for decades. They should take responsibility for this negligence and figure out a way to repay they billions they stole from the systems.

  4. THANKS Fred, Glen, and John for accurate, impartial FACTS! I have a degree from the time when you learned to check out information. You guys are putting information out here that is verifiable and allows for intelligent discussion. I am insulted that the unions think I am stupid and will blindly follow the “all powerful” union leaders who portray themselves as “superior,” knowing what is best for me. Their “superior” knowledge over the last 20 years has cost me plenty–as I was told, “we were at the table” and “that is the best we could do .” I remember reading the WeAreOne saying that they would not, go along with anything that was unconstitutional; and if anything was changed in SB2404 it would no longer be supported. Well, SB2404 is not constitutional, but it is supported (“we were at the table”); and an amendment was added, but SB2404 is still being supported. Hopefully more people will wake up and the lies and bait and switch for what it is. Back in the day when unions worked for their members and the constitutional phrase protecting our pensions was added, the entire teaching staff of the state would have walked until our rights were upheld. They would have gone to jail if necessary!

    Thanks for reinforcing what I have uncovered –SB1 and SB2404 are unconstitutional despite the subterfuge.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing your homework for all of us!
    It is evident that the unions and We Are One are either lying, cheating scoundrels or they just can’t read. Either way they need to be ousted from their positions. I’ll gladly cast the first vote against them.

  6. IEA has a conflict of interest. It cannot fairly protect active and retired educators. Look at other unions. The actives sell out the Retirees to protect themselves. It is a common practice in the private sector. Retirees are at there u and good will of the actives. The only organization standing up for Retirees is IRTA. They are willing to go it alone to protect Retirees. Will IEA. I don’t think so.

    1. LaVonne,
      The problem today with the IEA is the leadership. Both active and retired teachers are getting screwed by this deal. It is not the active teachers who are selling out anybody. It the the leadership – none of whom who are active teachers, by the way, who is doing the selling.
      The age-old feud between the IRTA and IEA is a waste of time. Most members of IRTA are or have been members of either the IEA or the IFT.
      I am working to build an IEA-R chapter so that retiree’s interests are represented in my union more aggresively than they have been up to now.
      I am working to build the IRTA as a strong representative of the state’s retired educators.
      Hand in glove.

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