Sunday reads.


 WPA mural at Nettelhorst Elementary School in Chicago. 1936 Artist: Rudolph Weisenborn (1881-1974)

The Art Institute has posted some examples of WPA murals that are in Chicago public schools. 

“It is more of a challenge to avoid teaching the skills enumerated in the standards than it is to be certain you are covering them all,” writes Claire Needell Hollander, an English teacher in a New York public school.

Have school reformers met their Waterloo in Indiana?

European film makers want no part of US – Euro trade agreements. 

Philly parents want to know, “And what will happen to our schools?”

Educators and our representatives have been on the defensive for so long, many of us have forgotten one of the lessons of the great strategist Sun Tzu – the best defense is a good offense.

No Child Left Behind was a frontal assault on the teaching profession. We were accused of “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” One Bush era secretary of education even called a teacher union a “terrorist organization.”

The phony accountability regime that NCLB brought us was collapsing in 2008. The biggest applause lines at both Clinton and Obama campaign rallies came when they pointed out how NCLB was pushing us to teach to the test, and promised to get rid of it. Of course we all know what happened after Obama was elected. Anthony Cody


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