Martire for governor. Why not? So far the joke has been on us.

Ralph Martire

When I posted the idea of drafting the Executive Director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability to run for governor the other day the response was swift and positive.

The question that I raise to the leaders of the state’s public employee unions: Why not?

The list of announced and un-announced candidates is pretty depressing, particularly from the viewpoint of working men and women, both in the public and private sectors:

Proven pension bombers.

Millionaire Wall Street investors, bankers and one percenters.

Tea Party Republicans.

The current governor who has betrayed every promise made to the state’s unions.

A guy who attacks Chicago public schools and then uses his connections to Arne Duncan and Duncan’s wife to get his kid into a Chicago school even though he lives on the suburban north shore.

Mike Madman’s daughter.

Jeez. Could the outlook for the race for governor be any more grim?

Look. I may have disagreed with the We Are One coalition’s agreement with Senate President Cullerton on SB2404.

But that looks to be pretty dead in the water  now that Mike Madman has shredded it.

I’m still betting that nothing is going to happen with pensions this session. And with the election looming? Not next session either.

But there is electoral power among the union members of We Are One.

CTU President Karen Lewis has talked about changing the political landscape of Chicago and the CTU has organized a mass registration campaign targeting the Mayor and hostile alderman and legislators.

Why not make this the vision of We Are One?

Why not recruit a working people’s candidate for governor? Why wait until it’s the hold-your-nose and vote for another Pat Quinn?

My suggestion of Ralph Martire is no joke.

Because so far the joke has always been on us.

7 Replies to “Martire for governor. Why not? So far the joke has been on us.”

  1. I agree. Have always been impressed with his intelligent ways of getting the job done. As a former teacher and married to a former educator,his approach appeals to us.

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  2. Not only should WE R 1 adopt Martire as a canadate for Govenor, WE R 1 should draft canadates to run against Biss and Nekritz. I believe this is possible if We Are One will get on board and start working on this.

  3. This makes complete sense. Martire has the facts and the solution to Illinois’ problems. He has my vote!

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