If you’re going to take a poll, at least ask the right question.

Ralph Martire

My friend and retired teacher colleague Curtis writes, “And so called “Pension Reform” is still the only action being considered while all other “real” and effective means of generating revenue for the state are ignored. The allegiance of Rats and Fat Cats continues. They should be sent to prison with the other political crooks!”

Curtis is right, of course.

Take, for example, the poll that Bill Daley’s people just released.

I actually think I was part of this telephone survey the other day. Answering the question, “Who was I for?” I answered, “None of the above.”

Daley’s poll, not surprisingly, shows that Lisa Madigan leads until her relationship with her father is brought up. Then her numbers sink like Lake Michigan sludge.

Did you need a poll to tell you that?

Me neither.

What Daley’s poll doesn’t ask is how Bill does if his relationship to Richard J and Richard M is brought up.

Capitalfax is running a poll that ask their readers if they expect the General Assembly to solve the pension issue by July.

The last time I looked 70% said no.

However, as Curtis points out, the other 30% are being asked the wrong question.

Because solved isn’t possible given the choices on the table.

Solved means addressing revenue, a graduated income tax and ending corporate tax give-aways.

Who I favor for Governor would have to include the name of someone who is talking real solutions.

I offered a poll the other day and 80% favored Executive Director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, Ralph Martire for Illinois Governor.

Leaders of We Are One, the coalition of state public employee unions, should take notice. Union members and public employees want desperately to be asked the real question about solving the pension problem and offered real alternatives to the current pretenders to the Governor’s Mansion.

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