Pearson’s McGraw-Hill fails the test in NY.


New York Daily News.

Thousands of high school seniors are panicking that they won’t graduate on time because a city-contracted company bungled the grading process for Regents exams.

City officials vowed to finish grading the exams as quickly as possible. Principals were told Tuesday that if the tests aren’t marked on time, students can still participate in graduation ceremonies but can’t get their diplomas.

“It’s a blunder on so many levels,” said Gregg Lundahl, a government teacher at Washington Irving High School.

Lundahl was one of roughly 250 teachers who arrived at 20 scoring sites across the city this week, only to find out there were not enough tests ready to grade because of a scanning glitch.

“There are 100 teachers twiddling their thumbs, waiting for more work to be scanned into the system,” he said. “It’s wasting our time.”

Another Brooklyn teacher griped, “We have so many budget cuts, and yet there’s all this money for this system which is not doing what it’s supposed to be doing.”

The exasperated educators were supposed to finish grading on Thursday, but now they may have to come in after school and over the weekend to finish the job, according to a Department of Education spokeswoman.

Graduations begin today.

Should teachers have to work overtime, they will be paid about $42 an hour by education company McGraw-Hill, which is administering — and messing up — the scoring process.

The city awarded a three-year, $9.6 million contract to McGraw-Hill to run the operation — but the company failed to pick up the exams from a warehouse and upload them into a computer system to be scored on time.


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