Rich white people get married. UPDATE.


NY Times, May 31, 1987

Miss Hicks Weds Stephen Quazzo

Deborah Tyler Hicks, an associate in corporate finance at Merrill Lynch Capital Markets in New York, and Stephen Renato Quazzo, an associate in the investment banking division of Goldman, Sachs & Company in New York, were married yesterday. The Rev. Barnum C. McCarty performed the ceremony at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Jacksonville, Fla.

Ann T. Hicks was maid of honor for her sister. Marco L. Quazzo was his brother’s best man.

The bride, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Milton Hicks of Jacksonville, graduated cum laude from Princeton University and expects to receive an M.B.A. degree in June from Harvard University. Her father is president and chief executive officer of Computer Power Inc., a data processing company serving the mortgage banking industry, and is chairman of the Enterprise National Bank in Jacksonville. Her mother, Ann T. Hicks, is president of the board of trustees of the Jacksonville Art Museum.

Mr. Quazzo is a son of Ugo R. Quazzo of New York and Jacqueline M. Stamato of Rome and of Essex Fells, N.J. He graduated from the Deerfield Academy and cum laude from Harvard College, and received an M.B.A. degree from Harvard. His father is president of Orbis International, a New York import-export company.

Update: Just to be clear, the photo is not of Ms Quazzo’s actual wedding. Since I was not invited I did not take any pictures. The wedding announcement from the NY Times, however, is real. As are the mergers and acquisitions that the wedding represents.

7 thoughts on “Rich white people get married. UPDATE.

  1. Yep, there is money to be made from running schools. No need to worry about really serving students or the quality of what is delivered. Education is such an easy process when you know nothing about the breadth of it! Joan

  2. Hey, did Reg Weaver get invited???? Once again, who is paying his pension????? I hope it is not TRS!!!

    1. Reg Weaver taught in the public schools in Harvey for many years. From what I know, he was a good local union leader. I know he was a good IEA leader and NEA leader. Wish we had more like him. Of course he gets a TRS pension, as he should.

      1. Let’s see $242,000 time 3% compounded over 16 years equals “wish we had more like him?”

      2. Okay UINSUFU. That’s it. You got your anti-union stuff posted here and now we are moving on. Anyone who thinks that the unfunded pension issue in Illinois or anywhere else is because Reg Weaver earns a promised pension, no matter the amount, is fooling himself or herself, or trying to fool others. I’m not enabling fooling yourself and I’m not abetting fooling anyone else.

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