This is what Chicago democracy looks like. CPS students try to talk to the board and then tossed out.

A group of CPS students address the board about school closings and budget cuts. At 1:57 all hell breaks loose.

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10 thoughts on “This is what Chicago democracy looks like. CPS students try to talk to the board and then tossed out.

  1. And who does CPS and City Hall hire as the “Hench Men”?
    Big… Fat… Black… Bull Dogs to do their dirty work, to silence student voices, to smother freedom of speech and to remove any and all opposition to these crimes on Public Education.To squash reason and remove eye witnessess.

    My reference to “Black” is no slander on African Americans but is used to make a further point…. These blacks are charged with doing the dirty work of the mostly “White” school board and Administration who historically make decisions that Negatively Impact the mostly Black and Hispanic Schools!!! These Black Hench Men who probably have children or relatives of their own in the affected schools that have been closed. Send the Blacks to bodily remove the blacks and hispanics. And then let’s get on with the meeting.

  2. How sad that students are fighting for their schools, teachers and communities but as per the status quo it is all about CHARTER schools and PRIVATE schools, these are not my students but I am so proud of them fighting to have their voices heard!! How disgraceful that they were REMOVED by huge security guards so that they were silenced. . what has our Democratic society become????

  3. I can’t believe how quickly the brave students were removed from the board meeting. It reminds me of how teachers were removed from the gallery in Springfield when individuals spoke out during legislative sessions. Look at what happened in Texas during the Sen Wendy Davis filibuster – freedom to dissent! That was what democracy should look like.

  4. In Michigan the leaders our state meet in the middle of the night to pass laws to close poor schools all because the state has taken away 1.8 Billion dollars and then say our school boards don’t work because of poor management. Well guess what if you keep reducing taxes on Business to zero only the citizens are paying taxes and then take away funds from the cities and then they start to fail as well. I just don’t understand the state has a balanced budget why can’t the schools and cities balance their budgets.Low income people are paid cheap wages then can’t afford to pay for house, taxes and food so why can’t they balance there budget. The Wealthy are getting Richer and the rest of us pay for that and everything else. Also lets raise the Gas prices until they must pay more to get to work and no raise in pay that we Business can make more money. Just trying to keep it simple so we can understand the real issues. Squeeze the people until they have nothing left and then just keep blaming them for being Poor so why can’t they just SAVE their money like the top 5% are able to like the Politicians and their money Bags as they do in Washington and the States.

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