Drummond Montessori forced to cut only Spanish teacher.


A follow up to Drummond parent Chris Barrett’s guest blog post:

BUCKTOWN —  When students return to a top-rated Bucktown elementary school in the fall, they won’t be learning how to speak or write Spanish and they will be spending less time in the library and in music and writing classes.

Facing a budget shortfall, members of Thomas Drummond Montessori School’s LSC laid off their school’s only Spanish teacher, as well as a full-time teacher’s assistant, while three library, writing and music instructors will have their jobs slashed from full to part-time when school’s back in session.

Drummond’s LSC voted in late June to approve a budget for the coming year of $3,199,452 but to prevent layoffs, the school needed $3,423,933, leaving it with a 7 percent deficit, outgoing LSC chair Jonathan Goldman said.

Read the entire story here.

One thought on “Drummond Montessori forced to cut only Spanish teacher.

  1. I wonder what Jeff Tweedy, Drummond parent who played election fundraising gigs for Emanuel thinks of the mayor now? I wonder if he wants his money back.

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