Jim Broadway on prospects for COLA cut proposal.

Pension Update: Speaking of clips, the “We Are One Illinois Coalition” has posted a brief video explaining its position on public pension reform – and urging citizens to contact legislators on behalf of SB 2404 “with no amendments.”

Meanwhile, the conference committee on SB 1 – a horribly harsh model of pension reform favored by Quinn, Madigan and the Republican causes of the House and Senate – have no meetings scheduled at this time.

Word going around is that the committee has asked actuaries to “score” a version of a proposal offered last week by a group representing university employees, a proposal that was described as “applicable” to others’ pension systems.

The House and Senate are not scheduled to return to the Capitol until October 22, although they could be called back into session by Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton if a pension “agreement” is reached.

We’ll keep an eye out for that, but it seems most unlikely.


2 Replies to “Jim Broadway on prospects for COLA cut proposal.”

  1. Wonder if speaker of the house wants to stay in office to ward off indictment for quid pro quo. Favors. Like the Metra scandal. Lisa should have stopped “pension reform”, knowing it is illegal. Now we hear she had been consulting with legislature. She could Never win anything. Madigans are so OVER!!!

  2. I was at Dan Biss’ town hall meeting on Sunday. He said that SB1 and SB2404 are essentially dead and that the committee needs to develop something “new.” He made reference to the SURS proposal as being of interest.

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