The weird Tweets of Park Ridge District 64 board of education member Dr. Dathan Paterno.


Park Ridge school board member, Dr. Dathan Paterno.

You know I retired from Park Ridge District 64 a year ago June.

Right after I left, Dr. Dathan Paterno was elected to the school board joining Dr. Anthony Borrelli, a Park Ridge foot doctor, as a not exactly teacher-friendly faction.

Although Paterno ran as a taxpayer watchdog, once he got on the board  he had no problem in voting to give administrators thousands of dollars in bonuses.

What people have begun to notice is the doctor’s weird Tweets.

You can follow him yourself, of course.

Every once in a while I repost some of his odder messages.

Such as, “Spanking is the most effective means of achieving a healthy dominance with your child.”

Dr. Paterno is a psychologist.



Sometimes you get what you vote for.

Congratulations, Park Ridge voters.

3 Replies to “The weird Tweets of Park Ridge District 64 board of education member Dr. Dathan Paterno.”

  1. I saw a mom spanking a toddler yesterday on Greenview Avenue. Mom was furious, child was hysterical and miserable. It was abuse. Only an idiot would be out on Twitter encouraging people to spank kids for healthy dominance. Good lord.

  2. He may be a licensed psychologist, but he is also a certifiable wacko who holds public office that impacts the lives of teachers, parents and children. Is there any way to organize a recall? The process alone could shame this bozo and cost him some loss of patients and income.

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