Rahm Emanuel. Worst. Mayor. Ever.


Catching crabs with the grand kids on Block Island, Rhode Island. Photo: Leigh Klonsky.

Jesus Christ, Rahm.

Can’t I leave Chicago for a God-damn week without you screwing things up even more?

I’m writing this sitting on a bench behind the Block Island library.

It’s the only place in town that you can get a decent internet connection. There is internet access here even when the library is closed.

I’m sharing the bench with a Croation girl and her boyfriend.

Croations fill a lot of the summer jobs on Block Island.

They come to the library to Skype to family and friends back home.

There has been some controversy about the 24-hour free internet at the Block Island library. Some hotel owners in the area complain about those that use it at all hours. Even though they are the some of the same people who staff their hotels.

Some of the library folks aren’t thrilled at having to clean up the cigarette butts and empty little liquor bottles they find in the morning. But they defend passionately the idea of free internet access.

I love librarians.

It is one little way the class struggle rages on Block Island, a sweet still mainly-undiscovered spot off the coast of Rhode Island. Access is by ferry from Point Judith or New London, Connecticut.

Arguing over 24-hour internet access at the public library is small potatoes compared to Chicago where the Mayor bulldozes a building that was promised for a library.

Blogging will be intermittent the next few days.

The bench behind the library has a waiting line.

And I have family I love that I will be attending to.

7 thoughts on “Rahm Emanuel. Worst. Mayor. Ever.

  1. In hindsight, Gary Chico might have been the better candidate for mayor in 2011. However, you have to admit that F-bomb Rahm was a better option than Carol Mostly Wrong!

    1. Miguel del Valle had them all beat, hands down. Why are the corporatist candidates the only ones worth considering?

  2. I spent two weeks this summer in a community with free internet access at the library and at town hall. Typically, there would be a few cars sitting out front late in the evening although there is a bench on the library porch. If anyone brought refreshments, they stayed in the car and butts are a thing of the past. I am still deleting emails that are now long past relevance.

    1. BlowDryAnItch will never be granted a presidential pardon by President Obama. However, Jesse Jackson Junior (Triple J) might get lucky if his father can pull some strings, but it is unlikely that Obama’s old senate seat can be sold now with Mark Kirk needing it for rest.

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