Sunday reads. Don’t bomb Syria.


Illinois State Senator Barack Obama, 2002. “War is not an option.”

Call your representatives.

Concerned about Syrian children? Here is an alternative to bombs.

Bernie Sanders is a skeptic on Syria.

Protesters for peace.

Skeptical? We don’t believe a word you say.

General Petreaus backs Syria war. Well, there you go. With the support of him and Rumsfeld, Obama got himself a coalition of the willing  chomping at the bit.

Obama says, “Trust me. No evidence is necessary Evidence is not an option.”

If the crisis is as important (and as imminent) as the president says it is, then he should have just let fly, and he should have signed on with John McCain, instead of telling us that he’s going to bomb Assad to the table in Geneva, and that he went to Congress for whatever justification he’s talking about here. I think, if they vote him down, he’s going to strike anyway, and I think there will be hell to pay in the Congress once he does. Right now, the argument for war seems to be that we have to do something, because Norms are falling and children are dead, and this is what we need to do because we’re not really trying to involve ourselves in a civil war, and we’re not sending troops, and that isn’t really making war or taking sides.

This is an administration that can’t even say out loud that dropping hundreds of cruise missiles is making war in a place. The longer the muddle, the more hell there will be to pay, and the best thing for everyone to do right now is nothing. Charlie Pierce

4 thoughts on “Sunday reads. Don’t bomb Syria.

  1. From what I have read today neither side is a friend to the US. It is turning into a mostly religious war with the rebels, many from foreign states, instituting the most rigid of Islamic law. Have we not learned through the centuries that these type wars can never be won?

  2. This is another phony war with chief “WARMONGER OBAMA” leading the way to insanity and world chaos. We have done much worse in the past and in real time. Look at agent orange in Vietnam. One of my friends has a bag because of no more bladder due to agent orange. How about the birth defects of our past soldiers, their children and those in Vietnam? Seen them? Then to us in Iraq and Afghanistan concerning depleted uranium. When depleted uranium hits it burns instantly at 6,000 degrees. It then turns into nano particles and gasses which rise into the upper atmosphere and can travel a 1,000 miles to India where it has been found. Kool, isn’t it! Have you seen the birth defects in Falluja? You had better take a look before you say Syria is soooooo baaaaad. We are the worst on the planet. We are doing to them what we are doing to our own students. We are creating terrorists by the senseless drone attacks which kill women and children because we are wimps and would rather kill them than risk our own people to make sure only those guilty are killed.

    In fact. we do not know who used what. It is now looking like bathtub stuff and we could have actually done it ourselves through Saudi Arabia as some reports are showing but not on robotic U.S. T.V. or radio where even the left wing pushes right wing agenda and protection of the Chief Destroyer of Worlds.

    As a friends grandfather taught him “I hear real good, but I see a whole lot better.”

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