The in box. Bev Johns: “Special ed class size proposal is dead for now.”

From Bev Johns, Chair of the Illinois Special Education Coalition.

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)
took NO action today on the proposal to
eliminate all State rules on special education
class size, and on the 30 percent limit on students
with IEPs in a general education classroom.

Action could have been taken at their June meeting,
or August meeting, but Board members had
significant concerns.

State Superintendent of Education, Chris Koch,
had stated on Monday that the Board would
consider final action today because
Our current rules go beyond federal law and,
I believe, interfere with decisions for students that
would best be made at the local level.”

However today the Chairman of the Board, Gery Chico,
announced that the proposal would be removed
from the Board’s Agenda.

While this proposal is now almost certainly dead,
the school administrator groups, including the
special ed administrators IAASE, and the school
board group favor the elimination of these State rules.

Everyone else testifying, special ed groups, disability
organizations, parents, the IEA, IFT and CTU, other
teachers, etc. were ALL opposed.

There may be an attempt to bring forth a
very different proposal so we need to continue
to have contact with ISBE Board members.

Thank you for all your efforts. YOU made the difference.

Bev Johns



One Reply to “The in box. Bev Johns: “Special ed class size proposal is dead for now.””

  1. Be forewarned–it seems that Illinois State Supt. Chris Koch will not let this issue go–Page 12 of today’s Chicago Sun-Times:
    Vote on Special Ed Students Delayed- “S.S.Ed Christopher Koch later referred to
    one of those rules as ‘somewhat discriminatory,’ though, and told the Chicago Sun-
    Times the issue won’t be dropped. He said he’ll be sitting down with people on both
    sides of the issue in hopes of finding a compromise.”

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