It’s for the kids? Child molester and pornographer is a Rahm and Duncan political appointee.


llinois Department of Corrections mugshot of Jesus Alanis, 42, of Chicago, a former City Hall and Chicago Public Schools employee convicted in a child-sex case and sentenced to 20 years in prison (Chicago Sun-Times).

Another day.

Another UNO-City Hall scandal.

The Sun-Times reports that Jesus Alanis is headed for Stateville Penetentiary. Arrested in 2012, he was just convicted of child molestation, sexual assault and child pornography.

A former aide to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Jesus was well connected to the scandal-ridden United Neighborhood Organization. UNO is the state’s largest charter operator. Alanis was one of their grads.

He had worked since 2008 for the city’s Human Resources Department, where he made $80,904 a year in a post that, as a political appointment, was exempt from anti-patronage restrictions. City records show his title was program manager. On his online profile on the LinkedIn job-networking site, Alanis describes the job as intergovernmental affairs liaison for the department.

Before going to work at City Hall, he was an aide in Duncan’s office, records show.

Alanis says on his online profile that he previously worked for Ald. Danny Solis (25th) and for the United Neighborhood Organization, a community group that operates the largest charter-school network in Illinois. Alanis was a 2005 graduate of UNO’s Metropolitan Leadership Institute, a training program for young Hispanic professionals. According to profile information he provided to that program, he worked on immigration issues for UNO. His sister Veronica Alanis is a high-ranking Chicago Transit Authority official who, until recently, was a longtime member of UNO’s board.

A court order in 1983 made it unlawful to take any political factor into account in hiring public employees (with exceptions for positions such as policy making). Those decisions along with companion consent judgments—collectively called the Shakman decrees—are binding on more than 40 city and statewide offices.

Apparently Alanis was working in a position that was exempt from the Shakman decree.

One of Rahm’s major goals as mayor is to expand the number of jobs that are Shakman-exempt. He wants to return to the days when every city job is based on who you know and what you are willing to do for the Mayor.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, whose office prosecuted Alanis, said after he was convicted, “This case gets at the heart of the horrific nature of child pornography.”

This guy was working for Arne Duncan and Rahm Emanuel.

Pretty horrific indeed.

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