To meet CMS demands, make sure you know what IRS button to push. And a few words from Jack Tucker.

IRS Transcript


H/T Gerry Berkowitz, S.O.R.E. IEA Retired:

Great job being in their face at CMS.   I actually applied for my IRS Return Transcript on October 1st just to see if how long it takes to get.  

There are two options to choose from and if you choose the wrong one you will not get a Return Transcript.  The 1st option is an Account Transcript and the 2nd option is the Return Transcript.  See enclosed screen shot.   For some retirees this may be easily overlooked or incorrectly selected.

That should be no problem for many older retirees to figure out (Sarcasm).

And this from former IEA Retired Chair Jack Tucker:

I think the REAL agenda is to create a barrier so difficult that member’s forego dependent coverage, rather than meet this formidable challenge. The mere suspicion that a substantial number of dependents are fraudulent is, on it’s face disingenuous and silly. Creating a barrier that is more difficult than filing Illinois Income Tax is inherently suspect.
I can say this as a former TRS manager and benefits counselor. I personally know most of the employees who do this work and I find the suspicion that they have fraudulently enrolled dependents insulting and baseless.

In case you were wondering, I volunteered my services to cover some of these meetings that are supposed to take place state-wide. My offer was politely declined. 

BTW there will apparently be NO effort to include those in convalescent homes by mail, email or in person. Apparently the first indication these people will have is the notice that they have been dropped and have no insurance coverage. SURPRISE!

2 thoughts on “To meet CMS demands, make sure you know what IRS button to push. And a few words from Jack Tucker.

  1. My question is:
    Currently my dependent spouse is not on TRIP insurance.
    So I have not received a letter.
    But he may become a dependent in the future.
    Do I have to file an IRS Return Transcript now??

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