A bill that would exclude special education parents and teachers.


H/T: Bev Johns.

On October 22, 2013, Senate Bill 578 was completely changed by an amendment in the Illinois House of Representatives.

House Amendment Number 1 LIMITS who can provide CPDUs to ONLY the following:
(1) ISBE
(2) ROEs
(3) Illinois professional associations representing
(a) school administrators – IASA
(b) principals – IPA
(c) school business officials – IASBO
(d) teachers – IEA and IFT
(e) school boards – IASB
(f) local school districts – ED-RED, LUDA, etc.
(4) institutions of higher education
(5) School Districts and Special Ed Cooperatives

ALL OTHERS would have to seek to become SUBCONTRACTORS of the organizations listed above.

Unless SB 578 is further amended to INCLUDE Statewide Associations representing Special Education Parents and Teachers and other professionals, WE SHOULD OPPOSE THE BILL.

The House sponsor of SB 578 is State Representative Linda Chapa LaVia, and the Senate sponsor is State Senator Kirk Dillard.

Please contact Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia at 630-264-6855 or at chapa-laviali@ilga.gov saying:
“We oppose SB 578 unless it is amended to include on page 21 Statewide Associations representing Special Education Parents and Teachers and other professionals. In providing training resulting in CPDUs, we do NOT wish to become a subcontractor.”

With the same message, contact Senator Kirk Dillard at 630-969-0990 or at  senator@kdillard.com .

Also call or email your State Representative (asking them to contact Rep. Chapa LaVia urging her to further amend SB 578 as detailed above) and your State Senator (asking  them to contact Senator Dillard asking him to stop the bill if  it is NOT further amended in the Illinois House to address  our concerns).

One thought on “A bill that would exclude special education parents and teachers.

  1. Thanks for posting all of the special ed. news, Fred. Your posts about the elimination of class size restrictions helped the pushback immensely. This post is sure to do the same.
    The attack on special education is neverending–all through the years–and, of course, speaks terribly of our legislators, who would so eagerly attack the most vulnerable members of our society (including seniors, of course). Keep the news coming, Fred, so we can stop this!

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