The in box. Jose Vilson on the De Blasio win.


Read the entire post on Jose Vilson’s blog.

Voting, as simple as it seems, is not enough. It never was.

When I see the history of suffrage, especially as it pertains to people of color and women, I see a struggle to get the opportunity to vote for the right candidate as conscious citizens should. I also see movements that didn’t stop at the legislative house. Whatever your particular brand of activism is, let’s have it. Having Bill de Blasio as mayor (as with any candidate the people elect) won’t be enough to enact change. Voting is but the first step in a long line of things we do from voting period to voting period.

Congratulations to the de Blasios, and I’m ecstatic about the chance to see progressivism return to the city. Maybe every municipal worker in the city will finally get a renewed contract. Yet, I also know I can’t put my feet up now that Bloomberg’s out. The political process includes voting, but it’s not the end-all-be-all. For many of us, it’s just the beginning …

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