Know your fingerprinter: Peggy Critchfield.


Peggy Critchfield, President of Accurate Biometrics.

A little more about the $650,000 contract that CPS, allegedly without bothering with board approval, gave to Accurate Biometrics.

Accurate Biometrics will set up four locations where every CPS parent volunteer will be required to go to get fingerprinted.

A condition of the contract with Accurate Biometrics is that they will hold all the data collected on every parent volunteer for a year.

Accurate Biometrics’ President is Peggy Critchfield.

Her previous experience in security work was running the ice pro shop at Marshall Fields.

She was Marshall Field’s crystal buyer before that.

Her other major client is Teach for America.

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3 thoughts on “Know your fingerprinter: Peggy Critchfield.

  1. This is disgusting! A waste of taxpayer money that should go to schools. I do not know how Critchfield and the CPS board can live with what they are doing to Chicago schools.

  2. Wow! We really are in the wrong business. You know, helping to educate the future. How can I cash in? BTW-how many parent volunteers are there in CPS? Perhaps it would be cheaper to go to some fingerprinting franchise and pay $35-65 for a set of print and cab fare than to pay for this. Cripes!

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