Who is Bruce Rauner?

Bruce Rauner

Ever since I posted about Bruce Rauner, who is running for the Republican nomination for governor of Illinois, I have been getting emails from Jon Zahm and links to his an anti-Rauner conservative web site.

Zahm is convinced that Rauner is a RINO – a Republican in name only.

And who can blame him?

However, the real problem is that Illinois Democrats and Republicans are hard to tell apart.

Sure. Bruce and his wife are heavy contributors to Democrats.

And Bruce is best buds with Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

And Bruce’s friend, Arne Duncan, clouted Rauner’s kid into Chicago’s Walter Payton public college prep school even though Rauner lives outside of Chicago on the North Shore.

But the Springfield State Journal reports that Rauner has given half a million bucks to the Illinois Policy Institute, the wing-nut faux think tank that is all over the media attacking state employee pensions.

One Reply to “Who is Bruce Rauner?”

  1. I continue to be amazed how state finances are described as a “pension problem”, rather than a revenue problem. Clearing Rauner gives $ to spin this fiction.

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