Sunday reads.


Chicago’s Curie High School students made this banner for the Neighborhood School Fair.

Oh no! Now Arne has pissed off white people too.

Chicago’s parents show off their neighborhood public schools.

In Seattle a socialist wins “because she had more credibility than a longtime Democratic seatholder in a Democratic enclave on what should be Democratic issues.”

Anthony Cody. Ten things about Common Core that suck.

You can go to the People’s School Board meeting on Tuesday night. Or watch it live on CAN TV.

Koch brothers’ agenda for education. Keep the corporate interests out of opposition to the Common Core.

Kathleen Ferguson, the New York State Teacher of the year, was also the teacher of the year in her school district, and has won several awards for excellence in teaching. 
Yet, she told a Senate Education Committee hearing on the state’s new Common Core standards, under the new rules, even she could not score a rating of highly effective in the new teacher evaluations.
The reason, she said, is that her marks were based in part on student test scores. She teaches second graders with special needs, who are often behind the level of other children in their grade. But the new standards permit no exemptions for her students. 
“This system does not make sense,” Ferguson said.    
Ferguson said her students were required to take pretests for almost the entire first month of school. The pre-tests are used to measure what students don’t know. They are used as a comparison for their performance on tests given at the end of the school year, after they have actually been taught the material. The test scores are then used as part of the new process of teacher evaluations required under terms of federal grants worth millions of dollars that the state has received. 
Ferguson says the tests were very stressful for her students..
“When we have tests in every subject almost every day in September, it’s incredibly difficult to lay a foundation of comfort and joy in school,” Ferguson said. “They’re only seven years old.” 
Ferguson teaches in the Schenectady City schools, where she says a lack of resources has caused her to spend nearly $800 of her own money for supplies, including copy paper. School Book

4 thoughts on “Sunday reads.

  1. Common core the new buzz word in education. The problems one finds when one tries to address the educational needs of kids thru rigid educational buzz programs that corporations are pushing on the public while all the while they are trying to privatize public schools.In summation Common core is bullshit!

  2. Curie HS art teacher Colin Ewald made this banner with his printmaking students. The Curie HS Art Dept is proud of Mr. Ewald and his amazing students.

  3. It’s ALL about the testing companies making big money! Just ask Jeb Bush. (assuming he won’t lie………oh wait!)

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