Sunday reads.


Pension-busting Ilinois State Senator Dan Biss and IEA Retired member Jack Tucker at our SORE witness in October.

The Illinois coalition of state public employee unions, We Are One, will be holding actions at key legislative district offices on December 2nd. Join me in being at one of them.

Tired of the flash mob thing? I like that In North Carolina they are steppin’ for a union at WalMart.

The New York Times’ Frank Bruni thinks that our kids aren’t stressed out enough. More tests. Less coddling.

New Jersey’s school superintendent says Newark’s kids will resort to crime if teachers go to their union convention.

Death in Honduras.

Novice teachers are not the solution.

Michigan’s failed school reform.

February 11th 1990 by Wanda Coleman

                                          —for Dennis Brutus

This year the leaves turn red green black
freedom colors each leaf
each stitch of grass. I am amazed
at my sweet harvest. The prison door has opened
and a nation’s heart is released. I am full
having spent my greediness in a ritual of joy.

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