David Ormsby: Klonsky, you self-righteous crank.

David Ormsby:

Listen Fred, bother to get your facts straight before you launch your insults. I’ve have not drawn a pay check, contract, etc. from any Madigan state or political account since 1999. My pr work is 99% non-profit human service providers, associations – the groups without PACS. Being a self-righteous crank does not give license to fabricate crap.
Self-righteous crank:
Okay David. I’m glad you consider me saying that you took money from Madigan an insult. I meant it as one. But you did what you did. You freak out when I point it out. But you don’t mind using it on your web site to promote business:
“Prior to establishing his Illinois public relations consulting practice in 1998, starting in 1990, David served as press secretary to State Rep. Ellis Levin (D-Chicago), press secretary to the Democratic Party of Illinois, press secretary to Cook County Board President Democratic Candidate Aurelia Pucinski; served on the Issues Development Staff of the Illinois House of Representatives & Illinois House Democratic Campaign Committee of Speaker Michael J. Madigan, and as a public information officer for Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley’s Office of Workforce Development.During his years at the Democratic Party of Illinois and the Illinois House Democratic Campaign Committee, David worked on dozens of campaigns throughout Illinois, focusing on direct mail communications and news media relations. David brings this deep public relations experience and 21st Century public relations skills and capabilities to his practice and clients today.”

What did they use to pay you? Where did the money come from? Did you work for food?

6 thoughts on “David Ormsby: Klonsky, you self-righteous crank.

  1. David must be trying to get more work with the Dems. His current positions certainly are in line with many of them. I resent his statements about the “grubby” fight for money. I relied on the 3% annual increase – a defined benefit – when I decided to retire. Maybe we should have the option to have our jobs reinstated.

  2. What’s going on, a bit of comic relief? We are not laughing. All of us retirees are facing serious problems right now. Doctors saying they won’t take Cigna anymore, and they refuse to even fill out any form from United health care. We are already going deeper in debt each year and now we face losing about a third of our lifetime savings (pensions). Mr. Ormsby obviously does not understand the situation.

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