Jerry Mulvihill. A Letter to Representative Hurley.

Hi Fred,

Thanks for everything you are doing!

Don’t know if you saw this but this is the email response I got from Rep. Fran Hurley after I emailed her the other day. My response to her is below as well. We are working hard in 64 (the Park Ridge Education Association) to keep the calls coming in to legislators. Thanks gain and we will keep hoping for a defeat of this BS!!!




Thank you for your quick and timely response. However, while it maybe an exceedingly optimistic thing to think that the conference committee and the leadership will come up with a bill similar to SB2404, all indications point to the fact that that will not be the case. The purpose of my email was to ask you how plan to vote should the forthcoming legislation violate the constitutional protection clause regarding pensions? Given your prior yes vote on SB1, your constituents would like to know the answer to this important question.

Also, your statements regarding the so-called “crisis” that the pension system is in are a blatant mischaracterization of the facts. Even, Senate President Cullerton has acknowledged this in recent statements in the media. Frankly, this “philosophy” is the same argument coming from the Illinois Policy Institute, Civic Committee, Ty Fahner, and other corporate-driven/funded special interest groups that have worked and spent millions getting legislators to believe. If you truly do believe this, then I can’t help but wonder whose interests exactly you think you are representing in Springfield.

Even if the pension deficit isn’t payed back immediately, so long as the state continues to make its payments according to the ramp and the levels it has paid the last handful of years the system will remain solvent. (Please tell me, Fran, that you have done a thorough investigation of these facts!!!) Further, the need for structural revenue reform must be paramount to any so-called pension reform and it has far-reaching, far-greater implications for the future financial stability in our state-including funding for public education for which schools in our legislative district receive far less revenue than more affluent communities. In fact, Fran, revenue reform is something that was promised to us by every one of your predecessors for nearly the past twenty years in our community, but instead they each voted to fund the state with money that we have paid to fund our pension system. Your vote for poorly drafted pension reform won’t save anyone’s pension, it will only affirm your consent of what previously lawmakers have done.

Public employees, especially in our community, have spoken. They do not want you to vote for unconstitutional pension legislation. They want you to lead the effort to reshape our state’s revenue and taxation system to one that fairly represents the south-side working-class people in our communities and not give much-needed revenue back to large corporations in the way of tax breaks. There are thousands of public employees in the 35th district. Over seven thousand of us, in fact. Your vote on any unfair, unconstitutional legislation next week will secure your place in the hearts and minds of public employees in our community.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely,Jerry Mulvihill



Dear Jerry,

Thank you for reaching out to me about this issue. I understand your frustration with the state of the pension systems and the attempts to enact reform measures.

I deeply sympathize with so many employees and families affected by pension reform. This pension mess was not caused by employees; it was caused by the state’s own mismanagement and lawmakers’ reckless spending from the pension funds. This is a very unfair situation that many employees have found themselves in.

Yet, I also very much believe that the state has to do something now to prevent even bigger problems in the future. Your pension fund and almost every fund in the state will simply run out of money over the next decade or two unless meaningful reforms are enacted.  The system is on the brink of bankruptcy and the only thing worse, to me, than changing these promises in the middle of the game is leaving employees and retirees with no pension and no retirement income.

I signed on to co-sponsor SB 2404. I believe that this would be a reasonable solution that’s a strong step in the right direction.  Most importantly, it is a negotiated bill that educators and state employees have agreed to.  I am hopeful that the conference committee and the leaders of the Illinois House and Senate will develop a similar solution for everyone.

I will continue to speak with public employees throughout this process to find the most fair and responsible solution for Illinois.   I want you to know that I appreciate and understand your concerns.  If you would like to check the status of this legislation, please feel free to stay in contact with Amy Mikuzis from my office at


Fran Hurley

State Representative

35th District


4 thoughts on “Jerry Mulvihill. A Letter to Representative Hurley.

  1. Jerry,

    She will lose my vote too. She is not interested in representing us. She seems to be just another Madigan puppet. The votes of family, friends and neighbors (who know thievery when they see it) will also be lost as soon as she does not vote NO. She should start looking for another job now.

  2. I wrote to several legislators and received only one response, from State Rep Michael McCauliffe of the 20th District. Here it is below. Pat Lofthouse

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Michael McAuliffe
    To: loftypat
    Sent: Tue, Nov 26, 2013 11:02 am
    Subject: Re: Pension Vote

    Thanks for your contact about the pension issue. I am waiting to see the language of any proposed bill. We have been told to expect to be called in for a special session on December 3rd. The four legislative leaders of the House and Senate are meeting to try and find a solution to the pension crisis. As always, I appreciate your input and hearing from my constituents.

    Mike McAuliffe
    State Representative
    20th District

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