The House Black List.


Dec 03, 2013



Y  Acevedo
Y  Andrade
Y  Anthony
Y  Arroyo
N  Beiser
Y  Bellock
N  Bost

Y  Bradley
N  Brady
N  Brauer
N  Brown
N  Rosenthal
    Y  Sandack
    N  Scherer
    Y  Schmitz

    Y  Senger
    Y  Sente
    N  Sims
    N  Smiddy
    N  Smith
    N  Sommer
    N  Sosnowski
    Y  Soto
N Stewart
    Y  Thapedi
    Y  Tracy
    N  Tryon
    Y  Turner
    N  Unes

    Y  Verschoore
    Y  Walsh
    Y  Welch
    Y  Wheeler

    Y  Williams
    Y  Willis
    Y  Yingling
    Y  Zalewski
    Y  Mr. Speaker
Y  Drury
Y  Dunkin
Y  Durkin
Y  Evans
Y  Farnham
Y  Feigenholtz  
Y  Manley
Y  Fine
Y  Flowers
N  Ford
N  Fortner
N  Franks
Y  Gabel
N  Martwick
N  Mautino
N  Mayfield
Y  McAsey

Y  McAuliffe
N  McSweeney
N  Meier
Y  Burke,Daniel  
Y  Golar
Y  Burke,Kelly   
P  Gordon-Booth 
N  Mitchell,Bill
N  Cabello
Y  Cassidy
N  Cavaletto
Y  Chapa LaVia   
N  Harris,David 
Y  Moylan
N  Cloonen
Y  Conroy
N  Costello
Y  Crespo
Y  Harris,Greg  
Y  Mussman
N  Cross
Y  Currie
Y  D'Amico
N  Davidsmeyer   
N  Jackson
Y  Davis,Monique 
N  Jakobsson
N  Davis,William 
N  Jefferson
N  DeLuca        
Y  Jones
Y  Demmer        
N  Kay
E - Denotes Excused Absence
N  Halbrook
N  Hammond
N  Harms
N  Moffitt
N  Morrison
Y  Hatcher
N  Hays
Y  Hernandez
A  Hoffman
Y  Hurley
N  Ives
Y  Nekritz
Y  Osmond
N  Phelps
N  Pihos

N  Poe
N  Pritchard
Y  Reboletti
N  Reis
N  Riley
N  Rita
Y  Kifowit
E  Kosel
Y  Lang
Y  Leitch
N  Lilly
Y  Sullivan
Y  Mitchell,Christian 
Y  Tabares

25 thoughts on “The House Black List.

  1. Thanks for all your hard work & communications! My rep gets my support, vote, & legwork in the next election! Please keep us posted on the court battle & let us know what pressure needs to be exerted.

    1. Don’t worry Jim. I will be posting every yes vote every Tuesday until the primary in March and then until November. Every name. Every Tuesday.

  2. I cannot believe Ann Williams ,my rep. voted yes.Yesterday it seemed she was against it. She probally couldn’t take the heat from the Rahmfather.

      1. Exactly.She lost my vote and my family vote.Her district is loaded with teachers and pensioners .What a blunder.

    1. She is in my district and is a waste! All for shows. Goes to schools for photo-ops and nothing else. Lets vote her out next time! I tried to do so last time but no one listened! Wake up people!

  3. Here are a few questions I have for Dan Kotowski nest time I see him around town.

    How is it that a bill goes from just a frame work to a fully written 327 page bill over the Thanksgiving Holiday??

    How much input did he have??

    But here is the big one. The final bill came out about 24 hours before the vote……327 pages of legalese. SO tell me Dan…did ya even read the bill?? You could not have read it. You and Moylan and the rest of them voted yes not having even read the bill.

  4. I can’t believe both my reps failed to vote – Hastings voting present and Kosel being excused. Kosel would follow Madigan, but I expected more from Hastings – much more,

  5. This plague gained a foothold during WWII, when the country was busing fighting
    the kind of strong-man domination overseas that bullied the vote today- taking
    from the trusting state workers, both active and retired. What happens when the
    State recovers during the next economic boom? Are the stolen assets returned to
    retirees? Is theft a concept only applicable to the unelected? What has happened
    is a redistribution of wealth from median ~$26000 retirees (before passing) to
    projects unknown to persons connected to the politicians, same as always.
    Debt remains high, without guarantees that this contraband windfall will pay down
    the bills or the retirement debt. It’s a great day for the Springfield mafia.

  6. The color “Green” is on-trend for election day…or a quality write in. I will walk my feet to the bone and contribute to the opponents of every single one of the treasonous faux north suburban Dems who were “yes” votes…oh, and “Squeezy Quinn”, too…

  7. Remember that every vote lost by these turncoats is really two votes lost. One vote they Do NOT GET and one vote their OPPONENT GETS. Be sure to share that with your representative. Often. Better yet, try to convince one person a day (starting today) to vote against these thieves. Should do the trick!

  8. Retirees, will one of you from each district whose senator/representative voted yes PLEASE run for these positions as a write in candidate? Any one of you can do a better and more humane job than the politicians who betrayed us. I don’t think you would need a lot of money to run. Homemade signs and a son or daughter or grandchild can handle the social media aspect. (My apologies to those of you who can do this yourself. I can’t!) We have to show the state that we are not going to back down. I would gladly run myself, but I am working on my last four years until I retire. I am certain that every public employee in your district would gladly write you in. Please consider it.

    1. Good catch. It didn’t copy and paste when I posted. I don’t know why. But I pointed out that she voted no. In fact I wrote a whole post on it. A sham vote as a result of being given permission by Boss Madigan.

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