The vile Chicago Tribune cartoon.


Having reposted the vile Chicago Tribune cartoon that compares the state’s public service workers – police, janitors, secretaries, teachers, professors and others to a dog with its sex organs removed, my blood pressure has not yet returned to normal.

Earlier today I posted how this fight was never just about pensions.

It was always about the future of working families at a time when the countries gap between rich and poor was at historic proportions.

You need look nor further than the cartoon in the Chicago Tribune to see the truth of this.

To the rich and the powerful and those in the state legislature who do their bidding, we are no more than fixed dogs.

But that cartoon has it all wrong.

The Democratic and Republican legislators who voted to take away tens of thousands of dollars from my pension are the fixed lap dogs of the 1%.

And those of us who have served the people of this state?

There is plenty of bite left in this old dog.

You watch and see.

18 thoughts on “The vile Chicago Tribune cartoon.

  1. Calling now to cancel my Trib subscription and just posted this on my facebook page for others to do the same. This is just vile.

  2. Let’s hope all of us old dogs still have plenty of bite left. We do need to see our union leaders or others step up to the plate to organize the troops for a battle for political power in this matter.

  3. WE NEED TO RE-INSTILL THE FEAR OF OLD PEOPLE VOTING!! They must think that because we are from the 60’s that we are disillusioned, don’t have it in us anymore and don’t care. WRONG!!! We are pissed and we are about to show them how pissed we are!

  4. Dear Fred,

    While I expected Tuesday’s vote, I am unexpectedly discouraged and significantly more angry than I anticipated. Unfortunately, I predict that teachers and unions will NOT hold our legislators accountable. And the cowardly legislators, who voted against us and instead voted for corporate welfare, will be emboldened even further by our lack of ability to engage more teachers and union representation. Cinda Klickna has been a huge disappointment to me and I feel is part of the problem. Sorry to say that if it offends anyone. I wish she would become more like a union leader and actually lead rather than follow the corporate agenda–which I believe she has done all along. We need leaders to speak up and become really active. The rank and file teachers, I fear, will say what one teacher said to me this morning, “Oh well, it’s not really that bad. I can handle this.” Too many are not seeing the bigger picture.

    This is part of a larger picture of the privatization of public needs and of the development of a cannibalistic corporate agenda. Since 1970, the corporate world has been breaking unions, privatizing public needs, and then making every public need into a price point to be gambled on Wall Street. Teachers and their rights are near the end of the line of the corporate assault machine. Corporate cannibals have spent the last four or five decades assaulting regular union workers. We didn’t stand up for them then because we didn’t see how it applied to us. But of course it all does. As of this point, only firefighters, EMTs, and police are left. But a firefighter told me Monday his union told him they were on the legislator’s agenda for a reworking of their pension system in 2015. Just look to Wisconsin. And see what Michigan’s court did yesterday to public workers in Detroit. He ruled it is okay to diminish pensions even though they are public. Just wait folks. This is really only the beginning. We all would like to believe we are near the end when we take it to court and judges find this all unconstitutional. But just wait. I predict they will rule in the State’s favor.

    And why??? I believe it is because we have not been willing to change the dialog and the trajectory of the issue. Our battle is not just about teachers’ pensions. It is about cannibalistic corporations, particularly those within the financial services industry and right-wing political action groups like the Koch Brothers and ALEC, who want to privatize everything–pensions, schools, prisons,–everything. Because it is really about corporations taking control of our government. They are working at the state level all over our country. And they are working at the federal level right now as I write.

    Teachers need to rise up but they are not. They have only thought of themselves. They have failed their civics exam. I do not know what we can do to engage them. Most of them are asleep. Shame on them.

    I weep for my grandchildren and my country.


  5. We must always remember those legislators who supported us and those that didn’t. My friends throughout the state have emailed their friends and relatives the results of the vote and have vowed never to cast a vote for our detractors. The same goes for the Chicago Tribune. Several of my friends have stated they’ll never buy it again. I’m not sure if it’s because of the Trib’s view of us or because it will be considered a frivolous expense now that our expenses will even be tighter or both. I’d love to see a movement for a forensic audit of the state for the last 50 years be on the ballot. Like they do in CSI, The Closer, and the other crime dramas, the forensic audit would actually show where the money went to as opposed to where it was supposed to go or where we’ve been told the monies went to. Perhaps if we had the real answers, then real justice could be served. I’m sure our prisons have room for some of our legislature’s finest.

  6. I cancelled my Tribune subscription, too. Now we need to get better organized to fight this legislation both in the courts and in the electoral process. We may not be able to win any elections, but I am confident that we could cause some key losses.
    Stantis shouldn’t have used a dog. The animal impacted was a Grey Panther. We are all of the age to remember that group. It is our turn to step up and show our fangs and claws

  7. To quote Mike Royko: No self-respecting fish would be caught dead wrapped up in a Chicago Tribune. These are the same people who dragged their newspaper through bankruptcy so they could screw their workers out of a pension. Why does anyone listen to them? Scot Stantis should be ashamed of himself.

  8. I have to read the Tribune for my job, so I’m not canceling. Part of that job is accurate history from a working class perspective. But that December 4, 2013 cartoon simply reminded me of the fascist Tribune of the 1920s, 1930s and even the 1940s. Let’s be serious about the historical roots of these notions. Eugenics in practice meant cutting off the balls (or gutting the reproductive organs) of human women and men — in the USA and later in Nazi Germany. The “unfit” were barred from the crime of reproduction. The best quickie depiction of this is in “Judgment at Nuremberg.” As readers know, during most of his life, Colonel McCormick, owner of the Tribune, was a rabid fascist — and anti-Communiist. So this particular stuff is not unusual for the Tribune, but actually part of a long Tribune tradition, which reflects the actual opinion of the ruling class — or, as it’s being called today, the “one percent.”

    1. Hopefully none that read your comments will think they are an exaggeration or hype, it’s all true. The whole testing issue has it’s foundation in people like him and their perception of who are the rightful decision makers for the rest of us.

      1. At times, I would joke that the last time we could agree with the Chicago Tribune was during the Civil War. The lurid history of the Tribune goes much further than its odious cartoons and editorials. The real danger, for many people, comes because they believe that the “news” reported in media like the Tribune is accurate, reflecting reality. Usually, Trib “news” is just another version of the propaganda they push out all the time. Another historical footnote: Someone should do a MA or PhD on the Trib’s reactionary sourcing. Back during the 1960s, J. Edgar Hoover regularly had dirt on anti-war and civil rights protesters given directly to a Trib reporter, who then put it on the front page as “news.” Many of the major libels against Martin Luther King Jr. that came out in the Tribune were from that single source.

  9. By scoffing at the integrity of public employee pensions the Chicago Tribune, its sponsors, managers, hack journalists, and gullible readers are exposing their disregard for the law and the promises and premises it purports to uphold. I’ve said this before and I will say it again and again. When the law breaks down, order breaks down. When order breaks down, we break down. Dark days are upon us all.

  10. Fred, I was also outraged at the “dog” cartoon in the Tribune! So today I called and cancelled my subscription to the tribune and made sure that they knew why. My meesly Sunday subscription money probably means nothing to them, but it made me feel good just doing it! Wish others would do the same!

    Patty Horn (retired teacher from Wheaton)

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