Bev Johns. Maximize our 2014 options.

– Bev Johns is a Special Education advocate who contributes frequently to this blog. We have been engaged in a conversation about the coming elections. Readers are welcome to join in.

Tuesday on national TV, Governor Pat Quinn said what we call the pension gutting bill was “a good model for the whole country.” (Morning Joe, MSNBC)

There are two things that are worse than Pat Quinn as Governor of Illinois.

One is Quinn adding Paul Vallas as Lt. Governor. Vallas began the privatization of the Chicago Public Schools, and is now the promoter of vouchers as well as Charter Schools that are privately run with public money (and nationwide on average produce worse academic results as compared with true public schools in their local area).

The other thing worse is Bruce Rauner as Governor. He may spend millions of dollars of his fortune on ads, but those ads will NOT say that he really wants to abolish public defined pensions, and public schools.

What can we do to maximize the options we have in 2014?

First, register to vote. It is amazing thenumber of people who have not registered to vote, or not updated their registration.

If you don’t register, you have no options in March or in November of 2014.

Second, find out what is necessary for you to vote in the March primary and/or November generalelection. Where is the location at which you would vote? If there is a chance you will be out of town, how do you cast an absentee vote?

Third, prepare for any option in the March primary. In my opinion, it is too early to definitively urge voting for any person, or not voting at all.

Finally, be prepared for any option in the November general election.

Fred, even with a unified progressive effort led by our unions and in accord with our community base, we have a very small chance of winning with a write-in candidate or a third party candidate.

This is Illinois where the State laws make it almost impossible for a write-in or third party to get on the ballot, or to have their votes counted.

Then there is the problem of all the money needed to promote a NEW candidate so allthose who do NOT read blogs, and do NOT follow elections closely are even aware there is another candidate, let alone be convinced to vote for the new candidate.

And, I agree there is no candidate for which ALL teachers, or ALL retirees will vote.

We face a tremendous challenge if we really want to do all we can to avoid electing Quinn/Vallas or Bruce Rauner.

4 thoughts on “Bev Johns. Maximize our 2014 options.

  1. While I very much want to vote against every pension thief, I believe the outcome if we do that will be union thieves who take away our right to organize. As much as I hate the idea, I think we should put our energy into organizing for the primary election in 2 years, and hold our nose but leave the pension thieves in place in the next election.

    We need to be cognizant of what just happened in Michigan. The current governor ran on a platform of being against Right to Work Laws, and then turned around and supported Right to Work legislation as soon as he was elected. I don’t trust any of the current Republican candidates for governor to not follow suit.

    We need to work with all Il unions to support and work for new candidates to run against the pension thieves in the next primaries.

    1. Leah, I must respectfully disagree with you. Unfortunately, our problem has been that we have been “hold(ing) our noses” for far too long already. “Union thieves who take away ir right to organize?” Hasn’t that happened, in large part, already?
      I’m thinking SB7.
      Stop the agonizing, start the organizing…now!

  2. Maybe it’s time to dissolve the whole lawless fraudulent political system that favors only oligopolistic special interests.

  3. We are definitely caught in conundrum. If Rauner wins the primary you will be faced with a choice of Squeezy Quinn or Rauner. I think our best bet is to eliminate one of the bad choices at the primary level by supporting Dillard or one of the other GOP candidates. Of course, that makes the choice Quinn or Dillard, Yuck! We desperately need a third pro labor and union progressive party. This will take time and money. The courts have placed many more restrictions on unions than on corporations in this regard.

    For right now, our best course of action is to spend our money on the court fight and hope we prevail in the courts to hold on to our pensions.

    A longer vision of this situation requires all the unions, public sector and private sector, to develop a long term plan of action to protect labor rights. The current plan of the dollarcrats seems to be to pick us off one at a time.

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