Teachers Laugh (Ken Previti) is knocked off of Facebook.

I have been clobbered by Facebook – my account has been disabled due to the high number of shares and clicks. (One of my memes – attached – was shared 10,250 times. One of my blogs was shared over 1,000 times.) FB determined that Teachers Laugh was not my actual name, probably because the “about” section listed my actual name, blog, etc. My 2,600 Facebook friends (mostly teachers across America and four other countries) and the 20 education related groups I belong to are not even available for me to view.
I began Facebook a few years ago as Teachers Laugh, the name of my original blog, with the intention of lightening up the pressures teachers faced back then. Then the big attack against teachers, unions and public schools ratcheted up to high gear. Our pensions went under serious attack.
I will continue the online fiasco of asking them to reinstate me, but I seriously doubt that I will be successful.
Why am I telling you this?
My approx. twice weekly blog, which has hit 63,265 (attached) views, receives over 90% of its views from Facebook. Because FB has kneecapped me with its decision, my blog and I will be of precious little value to us and our cause. That hurts me, personally. I am very sorry that my efforts for us will be diminished.
I will not give-up. If I work diligently and daily, it will take me at least one year to build up a FB following of close to that size again. My small contributions to our causes has been made even smaller. I fully realize that I am one of the “little people” abused by the Madigans of the world. Now, Mark Zuckerberg’s third party minions are stepping on me, too.
I refuse to be a willing victim, but I cannot be of much help to us for the near future.
Reclaim Reform
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PS: Several individual pro-teacher, anti-CCSS and anti-charter Facebook friends of mine have had their pages disabled within the last few months. They began again with a different variation of their names as a new identity. (Elizabeth became Peg, etc.) Yes, I believe that I probably hit a few too many political/big-money nerves and was targeted for doing so. Arne Duncan, Jeb Bush, Bill Gates, Penny Pritzker, etc. We little people are like that – always hitting nerves. The number of political moles on FB is incredibly high. The number of FB algorithms profiling people such as myself are probably even more destructive.

33 thoughts on “Teachers Laugh (Ken Previti) is knocked off of Facebook.

  1. I am one of the teachers that follows you regularly on Facebook, because your posts speak to me as a disenfranchised teacher in the Seattle area. I have shared many, many of your posts and memes, and I am sorry to see you go. I don’t understand their rules, when there are other people, like George Takei, who has many more followers. It has to be the political nature of your blog. I would share at all of the teacher sites, including the Badass site, and perhaps you can get reinstated a little quicker.

    1. Thank you for concern. I have discovered that a number of BATs (Bad Ass Teachers is the name of a Group that has been mentioned several times even in the mass media.) have had the same thing happen. Now I have to consider if I want to create a Teachers Laugh page in addition to my own FB page and my blog.

  2. They did it to me. I was “Tee Eff Tee (TFT)” and they took it away, making me reveal my real name in order to get it back, but I got it back as a “page” not a profile.

    They did it to Miseducation Nation, but that’s back too, as a community or something. It had, at its peak, about 10k supporters. The new version only has 1600 or so.

    They did it to “Arrest The Pope” too, just like they did to Miseducation Nation.

    Facebook sucks so much. We need someone to create a Facebook-like service that is not ad-based, but free — hear me filthy rich people?

  3. July 28, 2014 join major teachers’ & parents’ protest in Washington DC against the corporate takeover of public education, Common Core, over testing,etc.
    look up BATs FB page for more info
    Goal is 10,000 + protesters!!!!

    1. Because the current system is working so well.
      Want to fix things – institute teacher testing and evaluations; and fire the poor ones.

      1. Testing and evaluations are the current system. It hasn’t fixed whatever it is you think is broken. Also, why do you sign your comment, “not anonymous”? Is that intended irony?

  4. What can we do to help? I am a public school teacher and can surely appreciate your blog. Can you set up another profile and then just email people directly? I get Diane Ravitch’s blog posts sent directly to my email.

    1. Thank you for your offer to help. Please follow my blog to have it sent to your email and then forward it to others.
      I am on FB under my own name, Ken Previti. I just sent you a friend request. If it isn’t there because there were several people with your name. please feel free to request that I friend you.

  5. George Takei is set up as a page, not a personal profile. Facebook has had guidelines for profile vs pages for years. I have a business page and I am able to send blog post updates to my biz page.

    FYI, I’m hardcore anti-CCSS, support teachers 110%, not supporting FB at all.

  6. You’re not being censored because you’re popular, you’ve been penalised for TOS violation, same as everyone else who creates a profile with anything other than their real name. Just use a Facebook page instead of a fake ‘profile’. That’s what they are for.

  7. Set up your account as a group and you can name it however you want and say anything you want. It’s just personal pages not being identifiable to an individual that violates their TOS.

    1. Thanks. I am setting up my own page and then must decide whether share to my blog that way alone or to add a page as well. I have contacted a few friends and might consider establishing a new group; or I simply might continue to post on the other group pages that I belong to.

  8. The difference here is that you created a page meant to be a personal page; a page that belongs to a real person. The ones that do not get shutdown are those that are created as pages created from a personal account. These “pages” can be anything from artist, bands, businesses, you name it. I would suggest that you recreate Teachers Laugh as a “page” and not a personal account.

    Take George Taki for example: One does not have the option to become a friend where he or she is linked to George personally. Instead, one becomes a fan of the page and then gets the feeds.

    To create a page, find the page section on the left column and select “create a page.”

    Hope this helps. Best of luck to you!

  9. Ken, you recall our exchanges on this very issue. I stopped posting to tons of groups, not because of our conversation, but because it was exhausting to post the same thing to so many places. But I’m fairly sure that the same thing would have happened to me eventually. Very aggravating, unreasonable, and all-too-typical of the monolith that Facebook is. Sorry that happened to you.

  10. Hi Ken, if and when you starta again, with a page, let me know at SaveOurSchoolsNZ via facebook or WordPress or twitter and I will share your new details as far and wide as I can. Kia kaha – stay strong, and don;t let the ratbags grind you down.

  11. Ken, Congratulations. Thank you for making such awesome steps that the puppeteers cut you off. Now we all know that your efforts were working… how can fellow BATs help you? what exactly were your most successful efforts? Let’s reproduce them in mass… Please check out my blog at drmichellemaher.com. May I email you?

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