The fight for teacher pension justice is international. Puerto Rico. #RetirosMaestros.


Al Jazeera.

Since December 19, members of Puerto Rico’s teachers union and their supporters have beenprotesting both inside the island’s Senate chamber and outside its Capitol against pension reform legislation advocated by governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla. The purpose of the action was to “ensure that the 150 designated [chamber] seats are occupied by teachers,” according to Eva Ayala, a protest leader. In response on Monday, Garcia Padilla warned teachers to desist, saying the Puerto Rican constitution “does not give [teachers] the right to protest.”
Despite García Padilla’s warning, the protests continued Monday, while Puerto Rico’s Senate considers a final vote on the plan. The island’s House of Representatives approved the reform bill over the weekend.

The hashtag #RetiroMaestros (#TeachersRetirement) contains the latest updates, which include reports of three arrests today.

4 thoughts on “The fight for teacher pension justice is international. Puerto Rico. #RetirosMaestros.

  1. RE “The fight for teacher pension justice is international. Puerto Rico.”

    Please allow me a little word play here, Fred. While there is no doubt the fight to fairly compensate the world’s most important workers is international, it is not the fight in Puerto Rico which makes it so. The island remains a colony of the US, the oldest colony in the world: four centuries under Spain and more than a century under the United States. Puerto Rican independence would not only serve its citizens but would correct your headline.

    The struggle will continue in 2014.
    -Pete Kuttner

    1. While I appreciate the point and agree most definitely, Puerto Rico which is neither a state nor independent suffers from the austerity drive uniquely from the rest of the U.S.

      Its public pension systems are the most underfunded and is one more way in which it suffers uniquely as a result of U.S. domination.

  2. They need to tell the cops that the cops here probably took one of the biggest percentage hits……..Check out Argentina police strike…..This austerity nonsense is really international ex for Banksters and the like of course

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