John Dillon. The new reality.

From John Dillon’s blog.
In the New Reality, some of the biggest backers of accepting the Boeing demand (forget proposal) to move new workers to 401K programs, to lose on healthcare costs, etc. were the national leaders of the International Association of Machinists.  In fact, the rift is palpable between the two, national administrators recommending the local vote yes to Boeing’s demands.  On the other hand, the local leaders of I.A.M. felt that too many hard-fought concessions were being given away.  Looking at the changes in the contract and the stagnation to incoming workers eventual pay, a spokesman for the local union named Bryan Corliss described the mistake of paying people who build airplanes as the same price for lowest wage workers in American retail ( .

Others have warned Boeing that there will be a price to pay Washington workers who willingly bailed out manufacturing snafus in right-to-work and unskilled South Carolina and then received this corporate slap in the face. When we turn on each other, locals and nationals quickly separate in the clamoring for identity and fiscal security.

But it is Democrats in the New Reality that truly deserve another wary look by middle class workers, and for very good reason.  What Fred Klonsky once described as a Bizarro World only endemic to Illinois has spread like an invasive species to many other places as well – take Washington State for example.  In a recent Bloomberg article, Justin Bachman described important lessons to be taken from the Boeing Corp. win:  Corporate threats now work.  Getting the work back to Washington will make a better plane than the “good ole boys” of South Carolina. Boeing saves more, much more than the incentives offered to sign the contract.   And…

Unions can no longer count on the Democrats.

Local Democrats in Washington State, like Iliinois Democrats, bent like reeds in the wind to the demands from above (Madigan or Quinn).  In the case of Washington State, they “pleaded for workers to accept the Boeing contract and keep the company’s workers in the region” (  Likewise, in Illinois, Democrats are writing to their constituencies that they had to vote for SB1,”Even though it was ‘the most difficult decision in my life.’”

Subtext:  workers’ unions in Illinois can no longer count on Democrats.

And some, like my Senator Jones (my Representative doesn’t do communication) suggest that we can all revisit SB2404 when the Illinois Supreme Court finds SB1 unconstitutional.

Are you out of your ever-loving mind?

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9 Replies to “John Dillon. The new reality.”

  1. We need to give Dems a chance to live without unions this fall…………And of course Primaries. That is the only thing they understand now so that is what we must do. SB 2404 is in the trash bin Talking is over.

    I would only add to this great post Boeing is one of the biggest Gov contractors. If we had any dems in DC they could have leaned on Boeing but they didn’t …So don’t rush to vote for them either…….

    Does anyone know the nature of the pension that the Boeing workers had ? Did it have a COLA or was it more of an annuity ? That would mean those near retirement would not lose much because they could roll it into a private annuity if they want . The big effect will be on the new workers who will work for nothing

  2. In the 1930s the Democrats passed numerous laws to help and protect workers and unions. A lot of the Democrats today are DINOs, (Democrat In Name Only). The WAO unions negotiated in good faith and were stabbed in the back by the Democrats. The unions trusted them and now know better. If we win in court, that should be final, NO MORE OFFERS OF “COMPROMISE”!!!

  3. You all should also read about Boeing CEO McNerney (who is, BTW, a 1967 New Trier H.S. graduate {Winnetka resident} who then received his B.A. {don’t see any further ed. on his Wikipedia profile} at Yale “where he excelled in baseball and hockey.” Further information that one may Google involves Boeing’s mandatory retirement age, which is 65. McN will turn 65 this August (it is expected that he will retire) and, to see HIS pension deal, go to (I apologize if the link doesn’t work, but anyone who’s interested can easily find this information.) And–not to mention his current compensation has risen 15-20%–one source states $21.1 million while another is at $27.5 million.

  4. Green party, Labor party……. Ralph Nader has been saying it for years; this 2 party system has become a monopoly and it’s time to end it. Let’s vote for those 3rd party people and stop being afraid to do so. Also, I’m all for the ‘none of the above’ option on a ballot- I remember some guy saying “How humiliating and humbling would it be for someone to have to tell their children, ‘I lost to no one’ “. His point being he thought it would really raise the bar of candidates. I have to agree.

  5. …What if this so-called “new reality” creates public school teachers who are willing to stop teaching in the public school classrooms across Illinois, and firemen who are willing to stop extinguishing fires in their towns and cities, and policemen who are willing to stop protecting peoples’ homes and their communities, and other state employees who are willing to stop working for the municipal and state governments? Perhaps then the citizens of Illinois would recognize the value and service that public employees of Illinois provide; perhaps the citizens of Illinois would realize that the state employees’ retirement plan is worth protecting and preserving just like the lives that these public employees have been safeguarding, supporting or assisting all along…

  6. Don’t forget et the snowplow guys from last week ! What Glen describes is the US becomes the third world (see Kristoff todays NYT) I don’t see any of the 1 percent rushing to live in any of those places Wonder how they will like it when……………..

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