Wendy Katten. Stop the ISBE’s attempts to end class size limits for Special Education. Call ISBE President Gery Chico.


ISBE President Gery Chico.

From Wendy Katten.

ISBE tabled the vote to eliminate special ed class size rules and the 70/30 rule in September. It looks like they are about to sneak the vote through at their 1/22 meeting in Springfield. You can email isbe (rules@isbe.net) or you can call Gery Chico at work and leave a vm – 312-884-5666. I doubt he’ll be reading the emails that come in and over 5500 emails already went to that email address. This will impact kids in special education and general education. Sometimes we have to take it up a notch to advocate. 312-884-5666.

4 thoughts on “Wendy Katten. Stop the ISBE’s attempts to end class size limits for Special Education. Call ISBE President Gery Chico.

  1. Without class size limits, I would never be able to help my students to the level which they need and deserve. Larger classes would mean less success and more behavioral distractions. Put our children first and keep these limits in place.

  2. It is about classroom safety for me!! As a teacher in FACS. I am dealing with teenagers, fire and sharp knives. Without class size limits, it would be impossible to ensure the safety of all students!!

  3. PLEASE, do not vote to eliminate the 70/30 SPED rule for reg ed OR the class size limits in regular education classrooms! This would be at the disservice of students and education both WITH and without IEP’s!
    I am a 20 year veteran educator and have had multiple levels of special education students in my classrooms, since my first day teaching as well as each day since. Students with IEP’s, requireing specialized instruction, materials and assessments, MUST be placed in classrooms with smaller numbers so that they can get the help they need. At the same time, non-IEP students should be allowed to move at a pace that is rigorous and not be delayed for SPED pacing needs.

    You would ignore all learners if these practices were to be eliminated.



    Donna Thill

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