40th House District candidate Aaron Goldstein on the threat to city pensions.


House candidate Aaron Goldstein.

Aaron Goldstein is a candidate for the 40th State Representative District on the north west side of Chicago.

In the wake of Senate President John Cullerton’s declaration that cutting Chicago public employee pensions was job one for the next General Assembly, I asked Aaron for a reaction.

He told me this:

Senate President Cullerton recently stated on Chicago Tonight that he wants Chicago to use Senate Bill 1 as a “model” for dealing with the pensions of public employees including teachers, police and firefighters.  He said police and firefighters need to know the unfair diminishment of their pensions is “for them”.  He also said that if teachers did not accept these reductions in their pensions then they would have no choice but to have “classroom cuts”.  Finally, President Cullerton was asked about what big business should do to help out.  He said big business has been “helpful in lobbying” and have given their “political input”.  In other words, big business has contributed a ton of cash to make sure this bill gets passed while they continue to not pay taxes.

 It shocks the conscience that the people that are crucial to our society and faithfully paid into their pensions are now told to give it away because “it’s good for them”.  For decades, Springfield has kicked the can down the road and now they want those hard working public employees to pay for their malfeasance.  The people who have nothing to do with this situation are now being forced to take on all the burden.  And to make matters worse, he then shamefully says that if teachers don’t take these cuts to their pensions then there will be “classroom cuts”.  I am a proud alumnus of the Chicago Public Schools and my school age daughter goes to a Chicago Public School.  How dare you try to pit teachers against parents by saying that “classroom cuts” will occur because teachers refuse to give up the pensions they have been faithfully paying into.

 Finally, I take personal offense as a lawyer to what President Cullerton said when asked if Senate Bill 1 was constitutional, suggesting that he had questions about its constitutionality.  His reply was “my role was to pass the bill.  It didn’t make a difference what I felt.”  The last I checked, every elected official in Illinois took an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of this State”.  Whether a proposed bill violates the Constitution should matter to every legislator.

 I suggest the same effort that was put into passing Senate Bill 1 be put into getting a progressive income tax for Illinois and making sure corporations contribute their fair share instead of just helping out by “lobbying”.  As State Representative I know I will do everything I can to make that a reality.

3 thoughts on “40th House District candidate Aaron Goldstein on the threat to city pensions.

  1. The only state senate race in the democratic primary: 39 th district. Galhotra challenges Harmon mainly because of his stance on sb1 and the theft from pensioners orchestrated by Harmon’s 30th yes vote.

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