Another challenge to an incumbent pension thief.

I asked Bob Galhotra to respond to John Cullerton’s statement that cutting Chicago public employee pensions would be the General Assembly’s job one.

Bob is running in the 39th Senate district on the north west side and suburbs.

Well you didn’t hear it from the Governor today, because he doesn’t want you to know that he’s going to sign pension stealing legislation for the City of Chicago pension systems and Cook County as well if those bills are put before him for his signature.  I have been thinking about this for weeks and Senator Cullerton’s appearance on Chicago Tonight earlier this week confirmed it.  That’s why I took out this ad on the day before Quinn’s SOTS address:

An open letter to participants in the Chicago Police, Chicago Firefighters, Chicago Municipal Employees, Cook County Employees, Chicago Public School Teacher and Judicial Retirement Systems

Your pension and retirement security is under attack. Our state government has sent us a clear message: You and I are next. You can’t stop this alone, but we will, together.

My name is Bob Galhotra. I have been an attorney in the Cook County Public Defender’s office and a union member for over 20 years. I have also been the president of the largest union of attorneys in Illinois for over a decade. As a lawyer I fight for justice. And now, because of the pension injustice recently passed in the Illinois State Senate, I am calling for direct and immediate action against Senator Harmon in the upcoming primary election.

Illinois Senate Bill 1 (SB1), the legislation that stole the state employee’s money, passed in the Illinois State Senate with the minimum number of 30 votes. Senator Harmon’s vote alone stole the pensions of hard working families.

Don’t sacrifice your retirement security by failing to act.

We can protect what’s been promised to us by changing one vote in the Illinois Senate. This is a main reason I decided to run for the Illinois State Senate.

You and your union leaders should know that the race I am in is the only contested Illinois Democratic Senate seat in the upcoming primary. Take action today and tell our Democratic Party leaders that there are consequences for stealing our pensions. This is the only chance to change one vote.

When elected, I will protect your retirement security.

Today, I am asking you to support me in defending what the law has promised to you.

11 Replies to “Another challenge to an incumbent pension thief.”

  1. Please donate to Bob’s campaign. Don Harmon is the Senate President Pro Tempore and one of the leaders behind the Pension Theft. He is the highest ranking Democrat with a primary challenger. Defeating him would send shockwaves through Springfield and tell them we have a backbone.

  2. Bob will work tirelessly to protect the pensions of public employees. He has devoted his professional life to public service and will give his all to the people of the 39th senate district. Everyone who follows this blog needs to spread the word and get Bob’s name and positions known to the voters. Every vote counts, especially the one in the Senate that can stop pension theft.

  3. There is no way I could vote for Kulmeet Galhotra. His campaign isn’t about pensions, its about getting his name known to run for alderman. He even had a website up for alderman while he was campaigning. This guy is a fraud.

    1. You can vote for whomever. But every time I hear about a Democrat who is in a primary against an incumbent Dem who voted to cut my pension and says they support the constitution, you can bet I’m posting about it on this blog. Then voters can do what they do.

      1. And I will, but every time I hear you make false claims about the effect of the pension bill, without acknowledging that it benefits 11 million others who are not you, and resort to gutter, Tea-Party tactics, you can bet I will post it here too.

      2. Okay, Covington Development. But what the hell are talking about? How did breaking the contractual and constitutional guarantees of nearly 800,000 Illinois workers help anyone but the 1%? What false claims have I made? And how am I advocating for the Tea Party? And where do you buy what you’re smoking?

  4. Humm…looks like Harmon got 83% of the vote. Looks like your rantings about the pension were a little off, huh freddy?

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