Duncan advisor Jo Anderson returns to IEA.

Jo Anderson, who prior to the election of President Obama served as Executive Director of the Illinois Education Association, has left his position as Senior Advisor to Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

He has returned to the IEA as Co-Executive Director of the IEA’s Consortium for Education Change, an organization that brings boards of education, administrators and IEA members together on various projects.

The CEC current Director Marry Jane Morris announced today:

It is with great pleasure to announce Jo Anderson has joined CEC as a  Co-Executive Director.  Jo will be working with me as we continue to support school districts across Illinois.  Jo who most recently was the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, and has worked  on a variety of issues including teacher outreach and relations.  In his role with the DOE, Jo was supportive of the Teacher’s Union Reform Network (TURN).   This is an initiative that CEC has grown and expanded across the country over the last several years.  Jo will continue to support this work in his role with CEC.  Many of you know Jo as he was formerly  Executive Director of the IEA/NEA and helped to found the Consortium for Educational Change in 1987.   He served as Executive Director of CEC for 18 years. He has a background in community organizing and was affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation. He was a university instructor in philosophy and political science.

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2 thoughts on “Duncan advisor Jo Anderson returns to IEA.

  1. Oh no, no! First Paul Vallas (but then, that’s just ILLAnnoy politics as usual), then Jo Anderson. And, again, one asks (but receives no good answers, other than from Fred’s persistent questioning), what the HELL is wrong with the IEA leadership?
    And, also–Dillard endorsement, then this?
    To me, looks like IEA leaders on board w/ALEC plan, with regard to both Dillard endorsement & hiring of Jo (oh, & let’s not forget SB7).
    Time to stop all of this–any ideas?

  2. Awww…isn’t that special! Bringing Jo back after he’s been busy helping Arne burn down our nation’s public education, just so he can do his pyromaniac joy to Illinois teachers. You just can’t dream this barnyard manure up…Sheesh!!

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