Keeping retirement weird. That video.


You know what I thought as I watched that video of a CPS professional development session?

Damn. Why didn’t I ever think of that?

Video taping one of the sessions I had to sit through over the past 30 years, that is. And send it to Valerie Strauss at the Washington Post.

We are justifiably outraged watching this.

But if you want command and control, this is what you do. Read from a script. Repeat after me. Call and response.

The New York Times editorializes on the Common Core this morning.

The goal should be to end old-fashioned training sessions where teachers attend conferences at which they listen to lectures for a few days a year and move toward continuous instruction by master educators who observe teachers at work, providing help and feedback.


Are you kidding me?

Because that’s not what they want.

They want a standardized curriculum, standardized instruction, standardized assessment and standardized teachers.

And standardized students.

What they want in the classroom is modeled by what you see in that video.

How many professional development sessions did I sit through in which we were gathered in the gym and where some outside paid consultant – who we had never seen before and with no knowledge of our school, our kids, our stories – had us engage in some stupid activity with no questions asked?

Diane Betts, our district’s Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning was so fearful of individual teacher voice coming through to staff, that teachers who served on district committees had to read from scripts when reporting back to building faculty.

And who doesn’t believe that Common Core is moving us toward scripted instruction. If it already hasn’t.

Isn’t any surprise than that teachers have had enough?

Refusing to give the ISAT at Drummond and Saucedo in Chicago. In spite of threats to their certification and careers by Bully Byrd-Bennett.

Sneaking video out of PD sessions.

Like the underground resistance.

Damn. I just wish I had thought of it.

2 thoughts on “Keeping retirement weird. That video.

  1. “They want a standardized curriculum, standardized instruction, standardized assessment and standardized teachers.” This reminded me of when I worked a summer job at Borg Warner punching out “standardized transmission parts.” Welcome to the education factory where every individual can become a standardized part of society.

  2. I know it does not help at the moment, but anyone who has been in education for decades, will tell you that probably less than 10 years from now, Common Core will be LONG GONE!! (unfortunately, it maybe another dumb idea in it’s place) Some years back an administrator said at an in-service that an effective administrator hires good people and then lets them do their jobs.

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