More on Rahm’s pension deal.


I posted earlier today about Rahm’s claim he had a city pension deal.

He claimed a few days ago through the Sun-Times reporter Fran Spielman that a pension deal with the CTU was “hours away.”

The CTU quickly shut that nonsense down.

Back before the elections Senate President John Cullerton declared that passing a bill cutting city pensions was job one when the General Assembly got back in session.

But they’ve been back in session over a month it doesn’t even look like job ten.

And why should it be? The smart thing would be to wait until the courts decide on Senate Bill 1.

Plus state employee’s are pissed at Quinn enough now because he signed the pension bill he had declared he was put on earth to enact.

Beating Rauner is going to take every single union member voting for Squeezy and from what I hear from teachers around the state, that is going to be one tough job.

Rahm’s claim that he has union agreement on this latest plan appears as truthful as his claim that a CTU agreement was at hand.

Most employees covered by this alleged agreement are members of unions that are part of We Are One Chicago.

We Are One is not on board. So, who did he make this bargain with?

Reports are that the Governor, Cullerton and Madigan all met prior to the Quinn’s budget address. The continuation of the 5% flat income tax, the Millionaire’s tax and other parts of the Quinn budget are basically a done deal, according to these reports.

National and state Democratic Party leaders don’t want a Republican governor in Springfield.

It may not get us the revenue plan we want, but it will be a revenue plan.

It doesn’t seem to me that another pension cutting bill, this one aimed at Chicago public employees, fits into that plan.

Unless they want to change the name plate over the governor’s office door.


9 Replies to “More on Rahm’s pension deal.”

  1. Well, I’m not at teacher. And I am a downstater who schools are closing and consolidating because they are getting to a point they can not continue to fuction like they are now. In the very southern counties they are in worst shape if that is possible. I will hold my nose and vote for Quinn.

  2. Am I having a nightmare? Daymare?
    If taxing pensions, de-unionizing teachers, abolishing the prevailing wage and making Illinois a “right to work” state are job one for Rahm/Rauner, we need to make it job one to defeat Rauner in the election. I can not think of a single retiree, union member, teacher, or other public employee who will not be much worse off financially if Rauner gets in.

    1. The election will be a close one. Quinn will need every public employee vote, active and retired, to win. It will not do him any good to have the Democratic legislature pass more pension cutting bills.

  3. Surprisingly, several of my retiree friends who have been staunch union supporters have said that the mere fact that the national and state democratic leadership don’t want Rauner in is good enough for them as a reason to vote for him. Quinn better hope that isn’t the thinking of the majority of voters otherwise he’ll be squeezed out of office.

  4. Look; I get it. You don’t want Rauner. But voting for Quinn only lengthens the timetable of the Rauner plan. Holding your nose and complaining about voting for Quinn (the lesser of 2 evils) is not a plan I can agree to.

    1. I’m not entirely sure whether Quinn or Rauner would be the “lesser of 2 evils”. Quinn may very well be the more effective evil. Republicans do in general try to push through worse policies, but the people in general tend to stand up more and push back. As long as its a Democrat doing it, we tend to nod and smile and go on our way.

  5. Where were these national dem leaders during the pension theft . this is a great opportunity to send those clowns a message I am thinking of going from Green or no vote to Rauner
    It is over for Quinn and the National dems need to figure out if they are just the non religious face of right wing extremism

    1. David, they rode into town said “don’t do this” and rode back out of town so quickly you had to ask yourself “what the heck was that”.

  6. Fred, Emanuel WANTS Rauner in the governor’s seat. Rauner’s an Emanuel pawn and political benefactor from Emanuel. He’s done investments with Emanuel in the past.

    Emanuel wants Quinn gone, he just doesn’t have the stones to make it public because then his fake Democratic association would be public.

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